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Nov 10, 2012 03:50 PM

Goosefoot reservation and help selecting a good restaurant Thanksgiving weekend

I have been trying to get a reservation at Goosefoot but so far no luck. Open Table doesn't have any reservations and I tried calling Goosefoot a number of time 8 weeks out and still have had no luck. Any sugestions on how to get a reservation?

I want to take my two adult children (in their upper 20's) out to eat when they are in town for Thanksgiving weekend. I'm looking for an urban restaurant with nicely cooked food, a little adventure in the entrees, appetizers, etc and and some ambiance too. We like restaurants like North Pond and Naha but I am looking for a lower price point. I have read about Leopolds and wonder if that would fit the bill? Any comments on Leopolds or any other suggestions on where to eat would be great.

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  1. Not sure if this still applies, but in past Goosefoot would release tables 60 days out at midnight, so if you try at midnight tonight, you should be able to book January 10th - unless they have started fulling booking up this far out via phone and in person reservations.

    1. I ate at Leopold this past winter and it was only so-so.

      Where will you be coming from? Restaurants tend to be more affordable away from the downtown area. But if your family is staying downtown, the expense of transportation (public transit or cab) may offset part of the savings compared with places within walking distance.

      Here are places I would suggest, based on what you're asking for. Downtown, Sable (contemporary American small plates, craft cocktails) and GT Oyster & Fish (seafood small plates, craft cocktails) are both excellent. Away from downtown, possibilities include Deleece on Southport in Lakeview (North Side), Nightwood in Pilsen (Near South Side), Campagnola in Evanston (near north suburb), Michael in Winnetka (north suburb), and Inovasi in Lake Bluff (far north suburb). If you're taking public transportation, the city and Evanston locations are convenient to CTA el/subway/bus service ( ), and the three suburban locations are convenient to Metra commuter trains ( ). Consult their websites (particularly Metra) to see if there are any changes in schedule for the holiday weekend.