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Nov 10, 2012 03:06 PM

Fast Food Surprise: Wendys! [moved from Philadelphia]

Errands in the Northeast ran overtime, and we couldn't go to our favorite place for lunch: Pho 75
at Adams Ave, off the Boulevard. Hunger took over, and being on the corner of Red Lion and
the Boulevard, we went in to Wendys.

After studying the menu, I picked a Homestyle Chicken breast sandwhich, which for $6.29 came with
a drink, and a salad that could be substituted for the French Fries.

No complaints from me: salad was fresh, varied and ample; packaged dressing ok; large ice tea with
lemon, and a surprisingly tasty (and healthy!) freshly fried coated chicken piece (tender and juicy, not
greasy at all) with some kind of sauce (not the spicy version), plus a slice of lettuce and tomato. on a nice bun. Comfortable seating was another plus.

Popeyes is still my secret pleasure, but to find such a healthy tasty lunch at Wendy's was a nice
surprise. Clean throughout, including restrooms, all food made to order, not sitting around, other
than the refrigerated salad of course.

I wouldn't hesitate to repeat this lunch at another Wendys for a quick healthy, inexpensive lunch.

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your meal, but I do think its worthwhile to note that its hard to agree with your description of your sandwich as "healthy". 560 calories, 23 grams of fat (!), 1290 mg of sodium, 8 grams of sugar. I suppose healthy is somewhat subjective, but I certainly wouldn't categorize that as healthy.

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      Thought the same thing. The sandwich runs at 560 cal, like you said. Most of the side-salads are between 50-100 cal, and the dressings are all around 100 cal. If you get a non-diet beverage, you're adding another 150+ cal. Being generous, on the low-end of the salad range, only using half a packet of dressing and getting a diet beverage, you're still right around 700 cal for a "healthy" lunch.

      My standard lunch is below 400 cal, and most of them aren't particularly healthy - I'm talking a slice of cheese pizza, or if I'm actually trying to be healthy, a medium-sized cup of soup. Oftentimes, I'll make my own modestly-sized sandwich, which will almost always be less than the aforementioned caloric threshold. A glass of water or a diet coke, and I'm good to go for the rest of the day. The lunch mentioned in the OP would certainly have me feeling bloated and cause me to cut back on dinner for the evening. Heck, a McChicken or McDouble from McDonald's, no side, would set you back half the calories of the OP's lunch.

      Not judging, just saying that the lunch described in the OP would not be a "healthy" lunch, IMHO.