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Nov 10, 2012 02:47 PM

what do you call an intentionally overcooked poached egg?

My mom always overcooks her poached eggs on purpose because she doesn't like the yolk to be runny. Today I ate a bowl of udon at a japanese restaurant that put in an overcooked poached egg. I think it was intentional. Just wondering if there's a name for this.

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    1. I call them "hockey pucks", & I LOVE them. Wouldn't eat a poached egg any other way.

      And I wouldn't automatically call the restaurant "inconsiderate". Some are fearful of serving undercooked eggs - poached or not - due to possible contamination/illness.

      1. That's the way the poached eggs my wife and I received last weekend when we had breakfast in Quebec. I figured it was a french thing.

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          I've had soft poached eggs in Qu├ębec on many occasions.

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            Both my parents grew up in Montreal, and I never was served a hard poached egg in my life.... my mother does not like the egg yolk hard at all.

          2. Shell-less hardboiled.