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what do you call an intentionally overcooked poached egg?

My mom always overcooks her poached eggs on purpose because she doesn't like the yolk to be runny. Today I ate a bowl of udon at a japanese restaurant that put in an overcooked poached egg. I think it was intentional. Just wondering if there's a name for this.

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    1. I call them "hockey pucks", & I LOVE them. Wouldn't eat a poached egg any other way.

      And I wouldn't automatically call the restaurant "inconsiderate". Some are fearful of serving undercooked eggs - poached or not - due to possible contamination/illness.

      1. That's the way the poached eggs my wife and I received last weekend when we had breakfast in Quebec. I figured it was a french thing.

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          I've had soft poached eggs in Qu├ębec on many occasions.

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            Both my parents grew up in Montreal, and I never was served a hard poached egg in my life.... my mother does not like the egg yolk hard at all.

          2. Shell-less hardboiled.

              1. Hard poached here too. There are also people who order salads with a soft poached egg on top and when they cut into the egg it oozes all into it and creates its own dressing. Thank you very much but no thanks. And I'm married to man who likes his eggs over easy but I've never asked him he liked "soft poached" and I sure as heck won't start now...:-)

                1. I ask for it to be poached hard.

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                    I like poached medium. All the whites need to be firm and slightly cooked yolk. But if it goes to far it's still Kay in my book. Anything other than runny whites

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                      Agreed! I like all non-scrambled eggs with a medium yolk.

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                        Funny though, I want scrambled soft soft soft. Barely set.

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                      Still okay in my book. I hate spellcheck

                    3. Why do you think it was intentional?

                      Maybe they just brought the bowl of udon to you a bit too tardy, or you were too slow on the uptake to partake in the udon?

                        1. I call them hard poached 'egg salad sandwiches'. Made a couple yesterday on purpose. We always get fresh local farm eggs. I've tried about everything/suggestion I can think of to get them to peel easily. I gave up. Now when I want 'boiled eggs' I poach some in water and a few drops of vinegar. I simmer them until they have reached the 'doneness' I want and remove with a slotted spoon put them in a bowl into the fridge to cool. While they are in the fridge all the water collects and I can pour all of it off. Then I use the 'hard' poached eggs like I would use any boiled egg. Yesterdays sandwiches: Three chopped 'hard' poached eggs/pinch of fine chopped oregano/S&P/drop of lemon juice/teaspoon of mustard. Perfect results. BTW never any 'gray' around the yolks.

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                            I never thought of using them to make egg salad. Thanks so much for the idea!!! :)

                          2. they are called hard poached around here

                                1. A restaurant that is super worried about food safety? Similar to burger joints where you can only purchase medium well/well.