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Nov 10, 2012 02:35 PM

dinner in the Soho Tribeca area

What good, not over the top restaurants (price wise) can you recommend for a dinner in this area.
Mother and 2 daughters weekend in NYC for the holidays. Also, we have made reservations for Saturday night at Bar Americain. Is that a good restaurant?

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  1. Hm, well what price point do you consider over the top? Let us know how much you're looking to spend per person before tax and tip (also, with or without drinks).

    Also, are you looking for someplace in Soho or Tribeca or are you saying you'll be in both so either one works?

    What kind of food do you like/not like?

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      we are staying in Tribeca. how about $50 pp with alcohol. No sushi, fish places.

    2. Bar Americain. Is that a good restaurant?

      It is not well-regarded here. It is seen as a 'safe', somewhat pedestrian place frequented by tourists not wanting to experience anything out of their comfort zone, or who want to go to a restaurant owned by someone they have seen on TV.

      Recent thread:

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        What do you recommend in it's place, sorta the same type of menu etc?

        1. re: drosetravel

          Actually, I just re-read the thread I provided. It is not all that negative. Though it is not my type of place, I think you'll be fine there.

      2. I don't have a huge amount of experience eating in Tribeca, but if I were planning some meals down there, the first places that pop into my head are Locanda Verde (excellent, but make reservations *now* if interested...very popular), Marc Forgione, North End Grill, maybe Odeon...

        1. Bar Americain's entrees are over $30 each, so with that kind of price range, I'd recommend
          in Tribeca, The Harrison, Greenwich Grill, Cercle Rouge, Blau Gans, Tiny, Jung Sik( each order an entree and share each dish to get assortment, entrees cost less than Bar Americain), Blue Smoke ( battery park area). Northend Grill is in Battery Park area but I do not recommend it, I have had horrible food there.
          In Soho I recommend Balthazar.

          1. For a great NY experience, I'm suggesting Balthazar. Right in Soho and surrounded by great shopping. Make a reservation.

            80 Spring St (btwn Broadway & Cosby)