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Dartmouth, MA/Boston/Cuttyhunk

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Please let me know if this thread doesn't belong in this room. Go easy on me, I'm a Utahn by way of Seattle who has never seen anything east of Bismarck, ND.

After you've stopped laughing I have questions. In August or September we'll be flying into Boston or Providence. After two days in Boston we're headed to Dartmouth, then to Cuttyhunk.

Any "must goes"?

I love casual, hole in the wall local places. If it's delicious but is served in a basket lined with newspaper I'm game. Dives are fine and I love drinking beer and chatting with locals. I love seafood of all kinds but have never had lobster, only crab.

Thanks in advance, everyone! :-)

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  1. This goes on the Southern New England Board.

    Cuttyhunk doesn't I think have any dining as such except what you bring or catch and cook for yourself, so far as I am aware. There used to be an inn, the Allen House, and for a long time there was no public accommodation on the island, but I t hink I heard that recently changed.

    1. Hi UTgal, Darmouth and Cuttyhunk are on the southern NE board, but given your two days in Boston, that's here. there are lots and lots of visitor queries and reports back....one fast way to find them is to search for "visitor" on the boston board and then sort by most recent first. you'll get some threads that aren't especially relevant, but lots that are. Reading through those will start to give you the lay of the land and then you can visit restaurant websites and get more info. Once you start to get some ideas, post again with more specifics (upper $$ limit? want to avoid more upscale and concentrate on "dives"? near where you are staying, etc.). Also, the restaurant scene in Boston is fairly rapidly changing these days particularly in the Kendall Square area of Cambridge and the seaport district of Boston so checking back closer to summer would be worthwhile. We have lots of great local beers as well.

      welcome to the east coast! I hope you enjoy your trip...I do miss Utah and Seattle.

      1. A few Boston ideas:
        Grab a lobster roll at James Hook, a seafood store on the water downtown.
        JJ Foley's is a good traditional "locals" bar also downtown.
        Island Creek Oyster Bar is an upscale but relaxed top-notch seafood restaurant.
        No. 9 Park is an upscale (and expensive) restaurant and bar right by the statehouse with interesting bar clientele, power-broker types mixed with yuppies and foodies.
        Best beer bar in town is Deep Ellum, and a strong second is Lord Hobo in Cambridge.
        Bergamot in Somerville has a very friendly bar scene to go with excellent food, wine, cocktails, and a few good beers.
        (Also, what Madrid said.)

        If your route takes you near Mattapoisett, definitely visit Turk's on route 6. It's a fish market and "clam shack" type restaurant. As authentic as it gets.
        New Bedford is a mid-sized city next to Dartmouth. Pour Farm is a good beer bar there.
        Waterfront Grille is a very good restaurant on the water in New Bedford, you can take a walk after dinner and look at all the moored fishing boats.

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          The funny thing about Turk's was as a kid we would pick up fish from their market, but go to the Mattapoisett Chowder House at their old location for dinner.

          1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

            My vote in the battle of Mattapoisett goes to Oxford Creamery. Even more clam shacky than MCH or Turks and prices that you would need a time machine to find at most places.

        2. If you are taking the ferry to Cuttyhunk from New Bedford, I read a great endorsement for Brick.


          1. A good primer from this summer about what is available to eat on Cuttyhunk can be found here:


            Remember though, some of those places may be closed for the season, so check before you go.

            1. Thank you so much, everyone. I'll keep a record of the Boston recs and I'll also do searches for Boston. I have a feeling I'm in for a treat.

              I'll post on the southern New England board too. The east is so confusing just looking at it on Google maps!

              If anyone wants Park City recs you can find me on the Mountain States board. Ciao! :-)

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              1. re: UTgal

                Born and bred in SLC I'd be happy to help more with Boston recs as your trip gets closer. Happy to hear you're looking for beer. :-)

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                    and I know the first thing we should tell her is don't even think about Mexican here! I dream about Red Iguana in SLC.

                    1. re: Madrid

                      All my visiting relatives are interested in olde new englandy fare. I've recently decided on island creek oyster bar as the safest surest out of towners visit spot. Never has disappointed over a dozen or so visits.

                      I'll have to think more on dives for my salt lake sister.

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                        does taking a look at Durgin Park and/or Union Oyster Bar come in at all? I know the food is not good except maybe the oysters at Union....but they are ye olde new england in situ, only with a brew or two. My SLC friends *had* to visit both but since the mom went to Wellesley, she couldn't blame me for her choices, but she wanted her family to see the ye olde.

                        Maybe we should start a separate thread for dives. I hope she'd have time to visit Cambridge..... People's Republic and Charlies Kitchen come to mind. Wouldn't go for the food, of course but Sam rules!

                  2. re: UTgal

                    I remember enjoying a few Wasatch Ales when I was there in the 80's. And, handing the phone to my Penn travellers after several repeats of'how do we get to Paaahk City?' and nobody could understand me.

                  3. here is one thread many visitors have found helpful:


                    keep in mind that Boston is actually a small city in terms of square mileage and Cambridge,just across the Charles River, is part of the easy to use mass transit system of subways and buses, the MBTA. Also a very walkable city when the weather is good.