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Nov 10, 2012 12:55 PM

Have you had a premade/frozen turkey from Owens? Good or anything better??

Hi - We are expecting 20 for thanksgiving and have two small children so I'm going the route of a premade frozen turkey. Have you had one from Owens? Would love your feedback! We got one from Bongis a few years ago and it was AMAZING - just not up for the drive!! Thanks for your thoughts...

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  1. Do you mean precooked and frozen turkey that you thaw and reheat? If so I would think you would do better to get a fresh cooked turkey from Whole Foods or one of the other "better" grocery stores. Roche Brothers maybe?

    We attended a post Christmas open house who got the whole turkey dinner from whole foods and it was quite good. I really liked their gravy and cranberry sauce.

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      interesting...will think about it. only reason why i was in favor of pre-cooked and frozen was b/c how delicious the Bongi's turkey was when we had it a few years ago...

    2. My mom usually gets it from Owens and it's pretty dry by the time we eat it (that being said, my mom is a terrible cook, and I'm not sure how long she "warms" it before we eat it!) Another place you could try is Gerard Farm: I haven't hard their T-giving turkey but the rest of their food is fantastic. Good luck!