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Nov 10, 2012 12:53 PM

Best cocktail supply store in Manhattan? Also where to buy Absinthe spoons?

I am a big fan of Cocktail Kingdom and I would be so excited if they had a storefront...but they don't! Can anyone recommend 1) a good general cocktail supply store or any store that has a wide selection of cocktail supplies (lots of different glasses, shakers, strainers, bitters bottles, spoons, etc.) and 2) somewhere I can buy Absinthe spoons? I know of several online stores, but these are going to be gifts and I'd really like to see/feel them in person before buying.

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  1. I have nothing specific (helpful, right ;-) but there are a bunch of restaurant supply stores on the Bowery just below Houston Street which will have lots of mixers, shakers, strainers etc. Zabar's has stuff if you're uptown.

    As for Absinthe paraphernalia I have never seen it except online. I think you would have to scour every antique/tchotchke store in Manhattan! Here's a place....

    Forgive me if you know all this already.

    1. Cocktail Kingdom does have a storefront! It's 36 West 25th Street, 5th Floor. They keep limited/odd hours so you should try and call before you come, but they certainly have a store and you can definitely go in person to check things out.

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        2nd going to Cocktail Kingdom in person. I think the hours are M-F from 10:30 to 4:30pm, last time I checked. Doesn't hurt to give them a call as loratliff suggests.

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          Thank you - that's good to know! I had always heard that the address on their website was just a shipping location and talked to so many people wishing they had an actual storefront. If anyone would know where to buy Absinthe spoons, I'm hoping it will be them!