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Nov 10, 2012 12:33 PM

Soup, please

Any recommendations for good soup lunch take-out in/near Preston Hollow? I'm sure Cindi's appreciates my business (buying their matzo ball soup at least twice weekly) as does Pho is for Lovers, but I'm looking for something new. Central Market/ Whole Foods soups just don't do it for me. I do have a freezer full of homemade soups, but there are times when I'm out running errands and just want to pop in someplace, pick up some great soup and take it home to enjoy. Thanks for the help.

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  1. Sweet Tomatoes (Addison, Old Town) has 6 or so good daily selections.

    Also if you search "soup" on Chow, you'll get many hits across a variety of topics.

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      Tomato Basil at La Madeline
      Tortilla Soup at Cantina Laredo
      Soup Man at North Park
      Tom Kha-Mango Thai
      Chili-Corner Bakery

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        I guess the cooks at some of the other locations need to come give the folks at the 7th St location some lessons! What I get is chicken soup that sometimes has no chicken, or is just huge chunks of chicken and huge chunks of vegetable in water. Stone soup without the stone ... But I find it worthwhile for the salad. Some of the breads (cornbread, blueberry muffins) are pretty good too ...

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          How can you have stone soup without the stone? It isn't right, I tell ya!

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            I have found that to happen with my local Market Street's soups. I complained about it and was basically told "the early bird gets the worm" with the snarkiness directed to the greedy folks who come in early, hog the "solids" and leave the broth. She happily added more shredded chicken.

            Don't know if that's the case with your ST - sounds like a chef-y thing if the broth is watered down. I've had good experiences with the one in Addison and N. Irving (635)..... but then haven't been to either since summer '11. I always liked the variety.

        2. The soup man in NYC that Seinfield's, "Soup Nazi" character was based on now sells his line of delicious packaged soups exclusively in the Tom Thumb stores.

          Note: On the website, the stores selling his soups in Dallas are listed as Safeway. That's because the Tom Thumb stores are owned by Safeway.

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            Are the prices any mOre reasonable than the counter at NorthPark?

            1. re: CocoaNut

              Haven't a clue. I never go to NorthPark.

          2. Thanks for the tips. I'd forgotten about the chili at Corner Bakery! The green curry (not really a soup) at Tippy's Thai Cafe at Preston and LBJ is very good.