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Nov 10, 2012 12:24 PM

Best Indian Restaurant?

We have an inbound house guest who loves Indian cuisine. I have been out of the loop for a couple of years on what is currently good around here for Indian. Seattle/ East Side/ or South King County would all be within range. What's the best Indian restaurant these days?

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  1. Mayuri and Spice Route in Bellevue/Redmond. Pabla (veg) in Renton. Oh India at Crossroads serves only a buffet even at dinnertime, but has a few interesting items. Clay Pit in Mill Creek seems to be pretty decent as I remember if north is also an option.

    Not sure if there is anything worthwhile in Seattle proper. Never found a reason to go to Taste of India, India Bistro, Bengal Tiger, etc. Always bland food, and one never sees too many (if any) Indians eating there.

    Everything else seem to be Groupon dumps. Naan n Curry in Kent gets tons of love from a number of people here, but I didn't find it to be a big deal.

    Wait long enough, and Vancouver's lauded Vij's will open an outpost in Seattle:

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      Clay Oven which was in Monroe for about 6 years relocated to Woodinville about a year ago. They are doing consistently good food and are really nice people. Open for lunch and dinner but no buffet and an abbreviated lunch menu. Don't see many Indians there, but I think that is the area more than a reflection on the food.

    2. Traveler's on Beacon Hill serves ridiculously fantastic thali. Always lots of Indians eating there, which is the best sign, of course, and I've even heard lore that Indians from as far as Vancouver come to town for a Traveler's thali. Totally addicting. The menu changes monthly.

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        Agree with this. Very different than any other Indian place I've been in Seattle, but definitely one of the best in the city.

      2. My personal favorite is going for South Indian food at Chili's Deli and Mart in the U District.

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          We finally made it for a true meal at Chili's Deli and were quite impressed. We had the veg. thali and a ghee masala dosa. A myriad of heat and bright flavors that brought me back to past experiences with decidedly southern style food from the NYC region. The thali had many small dishes, with the highlights being the okra, mushroom curry and cumin soup, plus a nice, fresh flaky roti. The dosa was not as large as most I have had, but still well-executed, and the tomato and coconut sambars were quite good.

          A good time to try this place would probably be next weekend (9/21/13). The woman in charge there told me they are having a special celebration for Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala, involving 21 plus dishes served on traditional banana leaf. See

        2. Been meaning to mention this for a while but I'd highly recommend Manraj Palace Cuisine of India in Kent. It's in a strip mall and definitely lacks for decor but man, the food was excellent. Even though there were only a few customers in there, the food took a fair amount of time to come out. The owner came by a few times to assure us that the delay was because everything is cooked fresh to order. It definitely tasted that way. I can't remember specific dishes as it was a few months ago but if you ever find yourself down in Kent and are looking for some good Indian, check it out.

          Btw, I realize that this thread is old but figured it couldn't hurt to bump it back up with a good recommendation.

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            +1 for Manraj Palace. I ate there in July, and I agree that the food is outstanding. This is one time where the Yelp reviews are spot on.

            Also agree that the decor is not good...banquet chairs, etc. If Manraj Palace was in a better location, and if the owners invested a little to create a better space, people would be lining up. But the quality of the cooking more than compensates for the absence of ambiance.

            Hounds should know that their website ( ) is badly out of date...they no longer offer a lunch buffet, their beer selection is now more narrow than the web site indicates, but the menu now includes even more dishes than the online menu. They used to post some special offers on their Facebook page ( ) but they don't seem to be updating that any longer.

            I am glad that MP no longer offers the buffet, because their use of all fresh ingredients, and cooking to order, is a big part of what is great about the place.

          2. I won't claim to know "authentic" Indian food, but I know I've had some really good dinners recently at Bengal Tiger on Roosevelt and Naan -N- Curry in Renton. Naan -N- Curry did come highly recommend by my husband's Pakistani co-workers, but I went to Bengal Tiger most recently on a Groupon (There, I said it!!) Bengal Tiger has some curries you don't see everywhere--the Mango Wala Prawns were heavenly. They also served an unusual (very) spicy cabbage mixture with the samosas that I loved.