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Nov 10, 2012 12:17 PM

Frozen Croissant Dough

When a run to Pat 46 is not in the cards, I'd love to bake croissants at home. Does anyone sell them frozen, ready-to-bake in the TC?

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  1. The ready to bake ones found in the freezer section at grocery stores are pathetically soggy and flavorless. I would call Pat 46 and ask them if you could purchase unbaked, pre-shaped croissants. You could just take them home and freeze them until needed. I buy them frozen from my local Super Target bakery (believe it or not, their croissants are delicious) and do the same thing. Just remember, you have to thaw them out and let them proof before baking.

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      Wow. Surprising answers. None of which would have occurred to me. Thanks! Anyone else?

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        I don't mean to be a Debby Downer, but some foods simply can't be made pre-fab and still retain their specialness. A truly great croissant, such as those from Patisserie 46, is difficult to make, and the dough doesn't lend itself to freezing well. The thawing of the dough, after it's been proofed and shaped, cuts down on the flakiness of the croissant.

        I would suggest either freezing already frozen croissants, or, and jeff suggested, finding croissant dough that hasn't been proofed yet, and then thawing that, letting rise overnight, and baking.

    2. A friend put me on to Trader Joe's for their frozen croissants & pains au chocolat (made w/butter). Leave them out to proof overnight; bake; eat. Surprisingly (since they come from TJ's), they are really good.

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        I absolutely love the chocolate croissants from Trader Joe's. Next to the Tarte d'Alsace, they are my number one reason for shopping TJ's.