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Nov 10, 2012 10:52 AM

7 Cup Food Processor Enough?

For a number of years, I had a combo Blender/Food Processor that I occasionally used but that I got rid of because it was kind of a crappy blender and a crappy food processor. I inherited a nice, heavy duty blender. So, now, I need a food processor. Is a 7 cup food processor enough to handle the typical things? I was thinking of this Cuisinart

I have small kitchen, so I don't want a monster, but I don't want to be constantly disappointed that I can't do basic things, like make a batch of scones, in my food processor either. I don't want to overspend because I have seldom used a food processor in the past (maybe because I had a lousy one?) but I don't want to replace this one in 5 years because it's been a disappointment...

Thank you!


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  1. I have this one
    It has an 11 cup workbowl and I have found it perfect for my needs. Looking at the specs, this one isn't much bigger footprint wise than the one in your link. I've had if for about 5 years and it works very well. I also think that if the workbowl was smaller that my rugelach dough recipe wouldn't fit in it.

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        Oh, whoops, I un-did my order. Do you happen to know if the bowl is BPA-free?


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            Oh good... I never thought about that.
            Now we can be food processor buddies!

            Oh dear, how "Sheldon Cooper" does that sound?

      2. I agree with ILC, if you can I would go with the 11 cup unit. I have a really old (25+) smaller unit that I think is 6 cups and I have a fairly new DCL8 Super Pro that I bought a few years ago to replace my old 11 cup. I rarely use the small one for anything except chopping nuts and if it the damn thing ever breaks I wont be replacing it.

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          Oh and I meant to say that if you have the space (and the $$) invest in an extra work bowl. This is a huge help when wanting process wet and dry ingredients, doing large batches of things. So much easier than washing/drying between batches.

        2. It depends on how you will mostly use it, if you care about having to do split batches and what volume of recipes you usually make.

          I have the 16 cup cuisinart elite. I had the old DLC 8 for many years. Are you going to use it for slicing and shredding? The extra volume is nice for that but I still have to empty the bowl and slice another batch for some recipes. The volume capacity really comes into play with the non elite versions when doing anything liquid.

          1. I have had this one for about 8 years, don't put the bowl / blades in the dishwasher (had to replace the bowl once), but other that it has been a work horse, use it for pizza dough even though I have a kitchenaid mixer.


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              Thank you. I looked at that one. Silly, but true, it's just a wee bit too tall to slide under my kitchen cabinets. I've decided that, in order to get the most use out of this thing, I need to keep it on my kitchen counter... We shall see.


            2. If you haven't already purchased one and don't plan to use it for Thanksgiving, WS and SLT offered their electrics at 20% off between black Friday and Xmas last year... maybe they'll do the same this year, maybe not.

              Anyway, I bought a Magimix a few months ago because it showed up in the sale section in WS for $200. I couldn't pass it up. It's a 12 cup model and I think it's just right for a family of 2. I love making banana bread or other kinds of quick bread in that thing.

              All 3 bowls nest nicely into each other while being stored. It also came with an attachment box. And it's 1/4" shorter than the Cuisinart model that wouldn't fit under your cabinet... hehe.