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Nov 10, 2012 10:02 AM

SoBou Bound Tonight

Any food tips for my wife and I?

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    1. re: Ziggy41

      It was solid. I wouldn’t say it’s spectacular, but overall it’s very good. I felt rushed at times and the bartender shorted me $20 change on my drinks, which I caught, but found suspicious. We had the pork belly app which was outstanding and the duck beignets, which neither of us cared for. Nowhere near as good as the crab beignets at R’Evolution. I really loved the sofrito crused yellowfin tuna with pickled merliton and my wife enjoyed her strip steak. She said it was better than the steak at R’Evolution which surprised me. We only had 1 cocktail at the table, the margarita and it was very good. The price was pretty reasonable, under $100. I would go back.

      1. re: shanefink

        funny, i love the duck beignets. they are more like actual doughy beignets than the dish at RR, which is glorious crab filling beer-battered then fried. both good, but very different.

        the burger w/ foie gras and fried egg (and sides of cracklin, boudin ball, and foie gras ice cream root beer float) is pretty off the hook...when i have a friend who wants to go down in a blaze of cholestol-glory, it's right at the top of the list.

        the boudin balls and mac n cheese are regular go-tos.

        1. re: kibbles

          There goes my plan of having a light dinner there

          1. re: kibbles

            I really didn’t taste any duck in the beignets at all. Just tasted like plain ol beignets to me.

            1. re: shanefink

              That was my issue with them too. The pork belly was divine though, and I actually don't care for pork belly as a rule.