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Nov 10, 2012 10:01 AM

Gobel Beer

Do any of you remember Gobel Beer in the Bantam Bottle ? There was a little red rooster on the label. I believe the company went ouf of business in the 50's. ???

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  1. It was "Goebel" (not meant to be snarky, it just makes Googling the beer a bit easier) and the brewery was bought by cross-street rival, Stroh Brewing Co. of Detroit in the mid-1960's. Stroh continued to market Goebel beer into the 1990's as one of their discount brands, as did Pabst for a short time after they bought the Stroh brands in '99.

    The bantam bottles long gone by then, of course, and apparently mascot "Brewster the Goebel Rooster" had retired to that big chicken coop in the sky.

    1. We used to pronounce Goebel with a soft "g" -- zho-BEL, a fine French beer. Stupid college days.