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Nov 10, 2012 09:35 AM

Piggy Grill in Hong Kong

I am looking for an inexpensive place to get suckling pig and this eatery has come up in my research. Does anyone recommend it or otherwise?

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  1. Haven't been to PG, but I see the pork doesn't look particularly inspiring in Openrice photos.

    Wish there was somewhere to get Babi Guling in HK (it doesn't get better):

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    1. re: p0lst3r

      Getting 'babi guling' in HK will be a tall order indeed - Indonesian cuisine available in this city is not particularly inspiring, to say the least.

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        The suckling pigs and chickens at Piggy Grill are brilliant - many eaters from Singapore, Philiippines and even UK go there. Worth trying!

        1. re: anitatsang

          I am sad that we didn't go! This response came after we got home and I did not hear anything positive before arriving in HK so we skipped it.

      2. What's your definition of inexpensive? All things considered, the suckling pig at Manor Restaurant in CWB is rather worth its price. HKD500+ for a half pig, feeds about 5-6 pax.

        For individual portions served w rice, some of the roast joints also dish out competent pigs, like Joy Hing, Yat Lok etc. They should cost you about 40-60 HKD per portion.

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          We did not go to Piggy Grill but we did go to Joy Hing's. The BBQ pork was delicious, but the roasted pork left much to be desired. It was cheap!