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Nov 10, 2012 08:53 AM

Need a Good Spot in Lower Manhattan for a Holiday Office Party

I'm relatively new to my office but was "selected" to organize the holiday party committee. I really want to impress my bosses and would be thrilled for suggestions. The most important criteria is for it to be in lower Manhattan; preferably within walking distance of the Bowling Green/South Ferry subway station areas. The party will be about 20-30 people, with a preference for a private room. There is no exact budget yet, but some where around $50-60ish/person for food and drinks. Since there are so many people with a variety of tastes, nothing too exotic. I am assuming a dinner but passing appetizers instead would probably work too.

My boss said he just wanted everyone to be "happy" so we are probably flexible on most of the details. Any and all suggestions would be wonderful. Thank you.

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  1. Out of curiosity, are those subways and running with no issues?

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      Oh, the subways: as of yesterday, the #1 teminated at Chambers St; the 2-3 ran as usual (stopping at Fulton & Wall). The C stops at 34th street, but the A runs all the way down stopping at Fulton. Can't answer for the others

    2. On Stone Street, about 1/2 of the restaurants are open; many others have posted signs indicating months before they will re-open; some (e.g. on Front Street), have been destroyed. However, even those who are open, have suffered major damage in their basements, which is where many of the private rooms are located. So, you can call Harry's, 'cause they own the India House upstairs, The Growler, Beckett's, or Ulysses; believe me they would love your business. But while I support these restaurants, and wish them well, you may wish to reconsider the geo location.

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        Our office is located just of the the 4/5 subway stop at Bowling Green, which is working and how most people get to the office. It would be easiest for our office to be within walking distance of the venue, like 10-15ish blocks of the office and would definitely be our first choice to help with the logistics of getting everyone to the venue. We love Stone Street, but we may have to reconsider if there is so much damage.