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Our full itinerary - what should I change/add

Thanks so much for answering my qs till now. I got a lot of ideas from you guys.
Here's the complete itinerary with specific food recommendations. Let me know if I should change anything or if theres a particular drink I must have at these locations or nearby. 4 of us are staying at the Loews.

Snack - Drago's charbroiled oysters. Should I skip?
Lunch - Mr B's. BBQ shrimp, bread pudding
Original cocktail tour
Dinner - Boucherie. donut bread pudding, shrimp and grit cake, boudin, fries, chess pie, scallops, brisket. And that's just for me. What should I get for her ;)

quick breakfast somewhere. Perhaps red gravy
Garden district tour with Tree
Lunch - 4 course lunch at CP part of the tour
Dinner - Sobou ( figured something light after the big lunch). Cajun queso, pork belly, beignets, bread pudding

Original creole bike tour with confederacy of cruisers
Lunch - coquette. 3 course. Anything specific in addition I must try
Dinner - herbsaint. Spaghetti, gumbo, banana tart, lamb neck, ribs

Poboy festival on Oak street
Snack - French 75. Oysters en brochette. Anything else?
Dinner - gw fins. Scalibut, oysters, dumplings, anything else?

Lunch - Cochon Butcher. Muff, anything else?
Dinner - 4 day old leftover Chinese back at home. Or something like that

Thanks again.

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  1. You shouldn’t change a thing. You have a perfect itenerary. Maybe, just maybe I would switch GW Fins for R’Evolution, but I haven’t been to Fins in years. Either way, you are going to have so much fun. Go to the Po Boy Fest as early as you can to avoid the long lines or pony up for the VIP passes.

    1. Great plan. Consider a muff at Cochon Butcher wrapped to take home, opening up the chance to order something else to eat on the spot on your Monday. The muffs travel just fine and are (at least arguably) even better the following day.

      1. Looks good, although quite ambitious.

        1. Was at GWFins Thursday. It was an excellant meal, better than my first trip there, which was good. I have moved it up on my preferred list.

          The menu does change a lot but there are some things that stay. Many rave about the scalibut but it didn't interest me. Maybe another time. The lobster dumplings were very good. Two had blackened swordfish. One had grouper with grapefruit sauce and plantains. I almost ordered that but was afraid it might be too sweet. It wasn't. I had the John Dory, a very basic sauteed filet.
          Two of those with me are hard graders and they were both impressed

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          1. re: collardman

            Glad to hear, and especially as I greatly respect your palate.

            While they have always done well, by me, there have been some highly respected folk, who did not have the best experience. I feel sorry for them.

            As for G W Fins dishes, they change with some regularity, so what might be fresh, and available today, might not be so, three weeks later.

            Just my observations,


          2. Thanks for the replies. I agree it does look a bit ambitious but there will be a fair amount of sharing between the 4 of us, I think ;). And besides I'm normally traveling with my pharmacist (wife) so I'm in good hands.

            In regards to the last lunch, would you suggest for me to just pick up a muff to go and eat elsewhere that day? I was wondering if I should add perhaps something a bit more traditional, rice and beans, jambalaya, etc to the itinerary. If yes, which place would you suggest?

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              I’m pretty sure you can get rice and beans or jambalaya at the Po Boy Fest. If not, red beans and rice on Monday is a NOLA tradition. You can find it in tons of places.

              1. re: shanefink

                Great itinerary, but you must be a really big eater.....chargrilled oysters, bbq shrimp, and a big dinner all in the same day? We were in NO for a week in October, and had to scale back an equally ambitious plan...simply too much rich food and drink meal after meal. Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

                1. re: Mountaindog

                  Yep, will report back the entire experience including medication used ;)
                  I may have to scale back like you said Mountaindog, but some of the items listed like the chargrilled oysters and bbq shrimp will be shared. I'm not planning to eat all that alone. We'll see how it goes.

              2. re: Ziggy41

                " I'm normally traveling with my pharmacist (wife) so I'm in good hands."

                Make sure that she brings a case of Lipitor, or similar... [Grin]

                Travel safely, dine well, and most of all, enjoy!


              3. I'd not do Drago's, unless you head to Metaire (have not tried that location, but others tell me that it's better - it would need to be MUCH better, to be acceptable), but that is just me.

                Otherwise, looks good, though fairly ambitious.

                Most of all, enjoy!


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                1. re: Bill Hunt

                  Chargrilled oysters in Drago's Metarie are wonderful. I have read that the downtown location is less good, but have no first hand experience. Pretty simple dish, if that all I was going to order, would probably give downtown a try, rather than drive out to the burbs.

                  1. re: Mountaindog

                    My one experience was horrible, and a very bad joke. It reported on my experience in detail, on this board, but many claimed that I was wrong. I only reported on what I experienced, at every level.

                    Because of the responses from trusted posters on this board, when I have the opportunity, I will try the Metaire location, but will not try the Hilton location again - too many great restaurants in NOLA to waste even one meal.


                2. Ziggy, not sure when your visit is but I took the Muff home from Cochon Butcher and was extremely disappointed, would never have one there again. Maybe caught them on their worst day but didn't seem like any issues going on. The sandwiches at Stein's deli have never let us down. Have had the char broiled oysters at the downtown Dragos and they were ok, but extremely salty and greasy. I would try them at the Metarie location if I were you.

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                  1. re: SandraQ

                    At the Downtown location (Hilton), they were actually tiny chips of oyster, in what seemed like soggy breadcrumbs. Others tell me that that is impossible, but I know what we were served. We looked, and looked for the "oyster," and could not find them. It was like the dish had been served to others, the oyster eaten, and then re-heated, to be served to us? Of course, everything else was very bad, to outstandingly horrible, so maybe something else was going on?


                      1. re: Bill Hunt

                        Gosh. My single experience at Drago's, Downtown, was cut short because of absolutely terrible bar service -- the bartender never came back to ask my late arriving friend if she'd like a drink ... we gave him 10 minutes. Having read your review I'm glad I didn't do anything crazy like order the "oysters."

                        If I recall we ended up at Rio Mar, so it was most certainly not a wasted evening.

                        1. re: montuori

                          Predicated on my one, and only visit, you might well have been fortunate, but that is just me.


                      2. re: SandraQ

                        Per my previous comment, my experience at Donald Link's Cochon Butcher was the polar opposite. Muff from Cochon Butcher was first rate, along with bulk sausage we brought home from their meat counter, which was likewise outstanding.

                        Curious what -specifically- you found substandard with Butcher's muff, Sandra Q...?

                        1. re: Gizmo56

                          Gizmo, My husband and I did order this to go on our way out of town planning to eat it the next day. We have done this many times with central grocery muffs and loved them. I have also done this with Napoleon House. I felt the CB version was small with not much meat for the cost. It has been a few months so it is not fresh in my mind. We both just came away with a general negative view and that we would try others before having another one there. Their meat looks awesome and we love Cochon. Have had other sandwiches at CB that we have enjoyed. Maybe we got a muff on an off day. Coming to NOLA next weekend, yeah!

                          1. re: SandraQ

                            Well, our muffs were huge and had lots of the great house-cured meats, more than you get in the Central Grocery muffs. One half of one of the CB muffs was enough to satisfy a big appetite.

                            My conclusion is that your muff was atypical of the norm at Butcher. In any event, enjoy your upcoming visit.

                      3. You MUST make time to go to Cafe Du Monde for cafe au lait and bignets!!! You have not eaten in NOLA without a trip to Cafe Du Monde. You could do it any time from breakfast to a late evening snack.

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                        1. re: PotatoHouse

                          We had a somewhat different take on CDM. First of all, sugary beignets and coffee do not a breakfast make. It is a sweet snack on the way to or from a meal. In the morning rush, you may wait a long time for a table( that has not been cleaned from the prior patrons), then have another long wait for making your order, then another long wait until your order finally arrives.

                          Go late at night instead, when the crowds have thinned, or (better yet) get your beignet fix at Cafe Beignet in the Quarter, which is less touristy, much more comfortable, and which supplements their excellent beignets with a full menu and bar, so you can integrate them into a real meal.

                          1. re: Gizmo56


                            I completely agree. I never consider CDM as a "breakfast" location. It is about a pre-breakfast, or a dessert location, after a great dinner in the FQ, or very near by.

                            To me, "breakfast" is Maxie's Coffee Pot, now the Original Coffee Pot, Stanley!, or similar. CDM is for something else.

                            Just MY take on things.


                          2. re: PotatoHouse

                            Personally, I recommend before "breakfast," or late at night, but then, I hate lines.

                            A cold, foggy night at CDM is ideal, once the tourists have moved to Bourbon St. is ideal. Once, one could dine there, with the JAX brewery piping out the wonderful smells (too bad their beer was not go good), and the fog-horns were sounding on the River. That is what "romance" is all about. I will see your Seine, and raise you one Mississippi River...


                          3. I didnt want to embarrass myself further by including our breakfast itinerary as well and make this list look even more ambitious but a trip to Red Gravy and a beignet from begnet cafe or CDM is in the future as well. We may limit ourselves to 1 or 2 full breakfasts tho

                            With that said, I can use another quick breakfast option near the Loews

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                            1. re: Ziggy41

                              Not really near Lowe's, but you might want to look at either Stanley!, or the Original Coffee Pot on St. Peter.

                              Enjoy, and travel safely,


                              1. re: Ziggy41

                                Luke has breakfast and there's a Ruby Slipper nearby. Never been to Ruby Slipper but hear it's ok.

                              2. Be sure to ask the bike tour guide to stop at Marie's Bar, where you can get a great bloody mary from Ann!

                                1. So far so delicious...

                                  Dragos - big yes from us. They were meaty and great.
                                  Mr bs shrimp - Huge yes
                                  Boucherie - fantastic from strt to finish
                                  CP - Good, not as satisfying as the other meals
                                  Sobou - Great great meal. Loved the cracklings with the fondue, alligator sausages, pork belly (so good), butternut squash soup, bread pudding. Just ok were the tuna cones and the beignets.
                                  Will have more details later