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Nov 10, 2012 08:37 AM

Good Sourdough Starter needed in Montreal

Hi Hounds,

Just moved from NYC - couldn't bring the sourdough starter. Anyone know where to purchase some or know of a generous soul who can share? I know I could order from King Arthur online, but wanted to see if local was a possibility.

Many thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. My wife has had some living with us for quite a while, I'm sure she'd be happy to sure. How can I put her in touch with you?

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      1. re: remdog99

        Hi Remdog! Do you think I could take advantage of you and your wife's generosity and also aske for a little piece of starter? I had one that died due to water damage and renovation this summer and I'm looking for some sourdough for making christmas bread!
        You can contact me at!
        Thanks you so much! :)

        1. re: sophie.brunet

          Hi Sophie, We exchanges posts on here some time last year. You had mentioned that you lost your sourdough starter and see that you are in persuit for some. Were you successful?

          Can you share some? lol

          1. re: carl333

            Hi Carl(otta)! Sorry I just realized I had never replied to your post! I indeed was in the pursuit of a starter, and I ended up buying a wet starter on King Arthur flour website. It was great but I quickly forgot to take care of it as I'm not baking a lot of bread lately (read zero). So now im still without a starter to share! Ordering was fine if you dont want to go through the hassle of making it yourself but I found it a bit expensive (specially their ridicule shipping fees to canada...). Its quite easy to do, when I did it myself the first time I followed this recipe:
            which is great because it outlines the steps day by day! Let me know if you are sucessefull in raising one! And Zalbar is right below, you need to name it! I didnt do it with the last one maybee thats why I forgot about it...

      2. koltuv - please put an email address in your profile or add a post here with an email so people can get in touch with you off the boards. Thanks.

        1. Easiest thing would be to make your own as soon as spring hits. Feed it, care for it, NAME IT (very important or it will die).

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          1. re: Zalbar

            Hi Zalbar, Yes, I have been doing some reading about this technique. I was hoping to find someone locally that could provide me a bit to get me going. perhaps i'll buy some on Amazon. I read that a San Francisco starter is recommended for pizza dough. i gave up on smoked meat after 2 tries. lol. To many variables and a ton of work.


            1. re: carl333

              Doesn't matter what strain you start off with, it will all be replaced by the local yeast before it's strong enough to use properly. Flour, water and religious feeding with possibly some cheating with fruit will have you up and running in no time!

          2. We started The Beast nearly a month ago. We'll still learning what temperatures it likes best, but so far every sourdough loaf I've made from it has been pretty great.

            We used the method outlined the River Cottage Bread Handbook (a gift from husband's family in England).