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Nov 10, 2012 08:00 AM

Meat On A Stick

Whether it is a kebab, Asian pork, cumin lamb skewers or even a rotating spit of meat like donair, or tacos al pastor, street food or sit down, where do you go for meat on a stick?

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  1. Richmond Night Market, usually. As for right now? Good question.

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    1. re: Florentine

      Zakkushi on Denman is known for meat on stick

      1. re: flowbee

        As I'm coming up to Van from Seattle later this month I'm in the process of scoping out places.
        Was excited to hear about Khlav Kalash so I googled it wondering where it was...Da'ohh! Good one!

      2. You can also try Nine Dishes, one of the newly burgeoning category of Sichuan-ish, Uighur-ish Beijing meat-on-sticks restaurants. A few in Richmond: Beijiang, Point Zero, Chuan Ku, etc.

        1. Yas Grill in North Vancouver for kebabs...

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            1. re: LotusRapper

              I really like Yaas Grill (which spun off from Yaas Bazaar which I believe is now closed. There are a number of pretty good Persian kebab shops in North Van that we can mention. Cazbah, Lonsdale Kebab, Hakhamanesh.

          1. I second:
            Yaas Grill !!
            Zakkushi (main st)

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            1. re: jmil

              Amen to zakkushi, my favourite meat on a stick for sure. Nice yakitori over real charcoal. The grilled mochi maki with American cheese & pork belly is nasty good!