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Meat On A Stick

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Whether it is a kebab, Asian pork, cumin lamb skewers or even a rotating spit of meat like donair, or tacos al pastor, street food or sit down, where do you go for meat on a stick?

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  1. Richmond Night Market, usually. As for right now? Good question.

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      Zakkushi on Denman is known for meat on stick

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        As I'm coming up to Van from Seattle later this month I'm in the process of scoping out places.
        Was excited to hear about Khlav Kalash so I googled it wondering where it was...Da'ohh! Good one!

      2. You can also try Nine Dishes, one of the newly burgeoning category of Sichuan-ish, Uighur-ish Beijing meat-on-sticks restaurants. A few in Richmond: Beijiang, Point Zero, Chuan Ku, etc.

        1. Yas Grill in North Vancouver for kebabs...

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              I really like Yaas Grill (which spun off from Yaas Bazaar which I believe is now closed. There are a number of pretty good Persian kebab shops in North Van that we can mention. Cazbah, Lonsdale Kebab, Hakhamanesh.

          1. I second:
            Yaas Grill !!
            Zakkushi (main st)

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              Amen to zakkushi, my favourite meat on a stick for sure. Nice yakitori over real charcoal. The grilled mochi maki with American cheese & pork belly is nasty good!

            2. QUESTION - what does it mean on the Anatolia Express (downtown convention center) menu - "sandwiches - 3 Pops - $21.50"

              are "pops" a type of meat on a stick inserted in a wrap?

              i can't find definition anywhere in the photo-of-each-food menu ...

              i don't live near them otherwise i'd go and ask in person - great little spot, very nice lady there.

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              1. re: Georgia Strait

                The specials menu http://anatoliaexpress.ca/index.php?p... lists "Any 3 wraps + 3 pops" for $21.50 -- I presume pops are sodas. But I also note that the deal expired March 31, 2012. They list both a phone number and an email form so you could contact them to be sure.

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                  I saw any 3 wraps and 3 pops $21.50. To me: pops = soft drinks, sodas especially in this context.

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                    well, how silly can i be!
                    must be my over-eager foodiness to learn about new items ; )

                    i have been thinking for at least a year that "pops" were some sort of speciall item (the graphic design on PAPER printed menu confuses me - cuz the infamous three "pops" are bigger font than anything in the group - plus i am from the soda side of the 49th (i thought the ANATOLIA couple - they were from upstate NY) ... and i don't mean the ave in vanc
                    it must be those "show all the food portraits on the menu" that starts confusing me ; )

                    in all - we always walk down there ... the anatolia couple are so kind to us each time we are in downtown area - cookies she says she makes, etc etc.

                    highly recommend the non-garlic overwhelmed hummous and their whole-wheat or white wheat peda bread made to order. The location and the service and the experience and quick mid-east type food is great value.

                    ps - the reason i point out the food portraits is cuz i saw some review somewhere recently about a curbside place in Marpole whereby the eater thought that having pictures of the menu items all about was a bad thing - is it? to me, it's old Vangcouver - north or south of that 49th (AVE)

                  2. Trip Report: Had high hopes of visiting all the places posted but...went to HK BBQ but they were closed on Wednesday.
                    Did get to Abdul's and it was really good.

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                      I got caught by the HK BBQ Master Wednesday closing last week. You can always skip across No. 3 Road to Parker Place BBQ, a worthy rival (though no seating).

                      1. re: peter.v

                        Peter - Master Hung is a good alternative if HK BBQ Master is not (and PP BBQ doesn't provide seating):


                        Mon-Sun 11am-11pm, closed Wednesdays.