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Nov 10, 2012 07:50 AM

Single-serve coffee maker?

Searched function hasn't helped me on this, so apologies if it's been covered previously. I am considering the purchase of one of the single-serve Tassimo-type coffee makers. The usual coffee consumption is a cup or two in the a.m. these days. I have happily used, over the years, a Chemex and a French press, switched reluctantly to a standard electric coffee maker when Mr. Meatloaf and I married 20-ish years ago and learned to live with it by paying attention to what I was putting in it and drinking the coffee when it was very freshly brewed. I lost my dear Meatloaf earlier this year and am casting about for other options. Bought ... oh, heck, brain freeze. One of those plunger single-serve things that sit atop the cup. Coffee from it is good but requires more early a.m. thought and efffort than I'm currently preferring; also find that it's usually not hot enough, thus requiring yet another step.

All this to say that I've looked at other options and am now considering the single serve makers. Looks like there's an increasing number of options out there. May I please have some opinions on them?

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  1. I absolutely love my 6-cup stainless steel Bialetti pot. It is perfect for 1 full cup at a time.

    1. I'm not a fan of those single serve makers, they just don't make a good cup. My theroy, most don't get the water to a boil. I still prefer my french press, excellent brewing method, great flavor and not bitter. Oh, compared to those single cup makers, not expensive at all.

      1. We've been using the Nespresso machine for several years and are very happy with it. That & our Bodum double wall glass cups (which really do keep the coffee hot) make for a good start to the morning. If there isn't a Nespresso store near you, the capsules can be ordered on-line.

        1. We've had a Keurig for nearly a year & Mr Geek is very happy with it (I'm a tea drinker, and I don't approve of the way the Keurig brews tea, so I leave it for him to use with his coffee). He is usually pretty brain-dead in the morning, and gets unlimited good free coffee at work, so he really only wants one cup to help him on his way and the Keurig is perfect for it. When we have multiple coffee drinkers here, he will brew a pot, but for the most part he has switched to the Keurig. I don't like the environmental impact of throwing away all those single-use cups so I bought the reusable insert which allows us to choose and grind our preferred beans and use those in the Keurig.

          1. I have a Keurig myself & have had it for a year. It's very convenient for single-serve tea, coffee & hot chocolate. I can be pretty brain dead in the morning myself & this is fool proof. I just wish the cups brewed a bigger cup of coffee.....even on the largest setting, the brewed cup is still kind of small.

            What I don't like about my version (I think it's deluxe) is that it doesn't make iced coffee thru the brewer. You can turn down the temp. & brew over ice, but it melts the ice & makes the iced coffee watery. There's a pretty upscale version that makes iced coffee & has a specific iced coffee setting.