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Nov 10, 2012 02:12 AM

Moderators - Leave a link to moved threads!

Recently a post came up with a member having to post asking what had happened to an entire thread of recommendations in the last TJ's Yea/Nay thread:

Presumably the posts were moved because they were a discussion of pet food sold at TJ's, but I don't understand why moderators here don't use the same etiquette which is standard at virtually every other internet forum I've frequented over the last decade… and simply put a link to the new location of the moved posts in the thread they were moved from?

On top of that, they clearly need to be more diligent as at least one of the moved comments had nothing to do with pet food, and was a recommendation for a dessert found at TJ's and therefore entirely relevant to the original thread, and has no place in the newly created pet food thread:

Besides that though, the thread is in the Chain Stores section. How is a mention of pet food not relevant? Costco, BJ's and other chain store discussions frequently include the mention of all manner of items that are not food… razors, commodities, paper towels, and toilet paper, etc. Being that the pet food IS carried by Trader Joe's, and the thread is devoted to TJ's recommendations and reviews, how is it a violation requiring moderation?

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  1. As a result of a recent Site Talk thread, there's a growing discussion of pet foods on the Not About Food board and we wanted to move those posts to where they'd be seen by that audience. We do try to leave links, but it's not automatic as it is with some forum software, so sometimes we don't get to them.

    Unfortunately, our function for splitting threads isn't very robust -- we can only pick one post, and all of the direct replies to it, and choose to move that. We can't pick and choose, we can't split things up and merge them back in other spots, etc. So we do the best we can to get things in the right spot, but sometimes a random post gets missed or moved that we wouldn't have chosen to if we had more direct control.

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    1. re: The Chowhound Team

      As one of the cheerleaders for allowable pet-food related discussions, I would like to recommend that a Sticky post from the CH Team be written and the inclusion of "how we feed our pets" be included in the line under the NAF board title so the parameters for discussing how we feed our pets on the NAF Board is very clear for all of us.

      1. re: The Chowhound Team

        Well I hear that this was done with the best intentions, but between the lack of automatic linking, and the fact that the limitations of your forum software means having to hijack even more relevant posts, it really seems to me that moving those posts is an example of over-moderation. I appreciate all you do nonetheless.

        If there was a desire to alert folks to a handful of pet relevant comments in another forum it would have made much more sense (to me at least) to simply post in the other thread linking to the TJ's one rather than ripping relevant posts from one place (including a NON pet related post along with it) to put in another forum altogether.

        1. re: NuMystic

          I agree. In fact I'm the one who tried repeatedly to find those posts in the TJ Yea/Nay thread, because I knew they were there. Please consider that an argument for leaving messages in their original threads. And if you're going to move them, put an x-ref in their place so that they can be found - not just a link, but "Messages on cat food moved to [name of thread]." Thank you.