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Nov 10, 2012 12:44 AM

Kuala Lumpur - Klang "Dai Bao" at Signature Original Hakka Recipe

Always loved a good 'Dai Bao' or big chicken-pork steamed bun, usually offered as part of a Cantonese dim sum repertoire. But one of the best, most luscious version I had today was actually served at the 'Signature Original Hakka Recipe' Eatery at Lucky Gardens, near Bangsar Village mall.

The one served here was enormous - besides minced pork & bone-in chicken, the filling was included small cubes of jicama, Chinese sausages, a wedge of hard-boiled egg & luncheon meat. The marinade was the one which made all the difference - it was gingery & savory delicious. Apparently, it was a much-touted product by a Klang-based bakery from Taman Intan.

Another dish worth trying here was the Ipoh-style hor-fun noodles with shrimps, blanched chicken, crisp bean-sheets and tofu puffs.

Address details
Signature Original Hakka Recipe
Lorong Ara Kiri 2
Lucky Garden
59100 Kuala Lumpur

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  1. But the sign says "original/traditional/authentic hakka yong tau foo"!

    Looks nice. Your favorite vegetable, I think, w/ the hor fun too. :-)
    No YTF today? Would you return to try that?

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    1. re: huiray

      Nope - no 'yong tau fu' today, but will make a trip there soon. Off to London this evening for 2 weeks, so can only make return visit here in Dec at the earliest.