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Nov 9, 2012 09:50 PM

Best Glassware

This may not be allowed on this board, but it didn't seem to belong in cookware. I'm looking to buy some glassware as a gift for a friend. I'm really looking for something high quality and special--and preferably something heavy in the hand. Not looking for a full bar set or anything like that, maybe just a pair--wine glasses, double old fashioneds, not sure. Any suggestions for some really high quality lines?

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  1. I dont know how "nice" they are but i think they are cool looking - if you like Mad Men

    they have quite a few good ratings on the site

    1. Tiffany makes some beautiful stemware. I haven't looked recently, though. The units are fairly expensive and should be hand washed. Still, I have a set of port glasses that I use on special occasions end enjoy.

      For everyday cocktails, I use Crate and Barrel "Winston" single malt glasses. They perfectly hold a craft-sized cocktail (3-4 oz of ingredients, plus ice melt, plus ice). They do chip if washed in the dishwasher, so I replace them when they get too chipped. The have a heavy base but thin sides. I freeze them, and the heavy base gives a bit more thermal mass.

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      1. Might we ask what is your budget? If it is going to be just a pair that your friend does not expect to fill in on their own than that busts things wide open.

        Personally, I have a nice pair of crystal wine glasses, and a pair of really nice champaign flutes that I use on occasion, similar to what I believe that you are proposing to gift, and then a brace of glassware for everyday use. Nothing really matches the delicacy, heft and ring of nice crystal. If you are concerned about the lead in the crystal, than they have non-leaded crystal glasses, but I find them to be on the thick/bulky side compared to the leaded versions.

        A special pair: something like Waterford Lismore (a popular pattern that they will not discontinue anytime soon, so if they do want to expand and match they can) or the Baccarat Massena.
        A small group of friends over, very nice (and still gift quality, at least to my friends and family) Schott Tritan lead free crystal glasses.
        Day to day for personal use or for mass parties, I use Libby bought by the box in bulk.

        Old Fashioned
        I'm with what EvergreenDan recommended in that I prefer DOF/cocktail glasses to be on the plainer side with a thick heavy base (though I prefer shorter and fatter). As one is less likely to touch them together when toasting, a nice bell like ring characteristic is not as needed. You could get crystal DOF like the Baccarat Perfection, but I'd personally just gift something like a pair of Schott Paris DOF, or what the Winston glasses EvergreenDan mentioned

        1. How much time do you have? You could browse antique shops and auctions for something nice. I know this sounds hard to believe but I got a whole set (over 60 pieces) of immaculate antique cut crystal at an auction for $17 - That would be tough to beat but you might find interesting groups of pieces.

          1. Coupes are awesome cocktail glasses that are really hard to find, at least in my experience. I bought a box of four from Amazon for $44 last year and they've held up just fine ever since. Search for "Cassablanca coupe" on Amazon and they'll come up.