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Guilty pleasures you introduce your kids/friends too

I had an Aunt that made all the foods my mother never did- lipton cup a soup, carnation instant breakfast, tv dinners and the like. The best though were pigs-in-a-blanket. Pop n fresh dough and mini hot dogs. To die for,

Somehow the conversation came up and my son was all over it. Like my mom I rarely use processed foods and make pretty much everything from scratch.

Well the another night (coupons in hand) I bought some little smokies and crescent dough. OMG- you would have thought he died and went to heaven.

So what guilty pleasure have you turned someone onto?

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  1. When we had a French exchange student last spring, she wasn't too adventurous in terms of food, so I gave up and fed her mac and cheese out of a box (which my kids adore and prefer to the homemade variety) and smores made with marshmallows roasted over a fire in the fireplace. She'd never had smores either (and my kids had never had them in the living room but boy did they like it). When my daughter went to visit in June, we sent her with a few boxes of Annie's mac and cheese mix as a hostess gift. The lady of the house thought we were off our rockers but the teenager was on the moon with delight and explained to her mom that everyone likes this foul stuff (we bought the organic kind, not Kraft so her mom would let her eat it).

    1. Tomatoes with scrambled eggs over rice

      Ice cream sandwich made with Pop Tarts and vanilla ice cream

      Ketchup fried rice with Chinese pork floss

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        Ice cream sandwiches made with pop tarts?! I'm so excited that this idea exists in the world!

      2. That incredibly bad, incredibly good bacon cheeseburger on a glazed doughnut. In my defense I split the doughnut and did not use two.
        Oh, and that incredibly bad , incredibly good bacon-wrapped mac and cheese, batter-dipped and deepfried. For this one, I have zero defense.
        Shame abounds.

        1. Chocolate dipped pork rinds.

            1. Love that pigs in the blanket story.

              Mr. CB introduced our son to Oreos dipped in milk. I am NOT a dipper and am sort of grossed out by "dipped" things, it is the sight of crumbs floating in milk.

              Our closest friend introduced our son to RediWhip. He squirts huge clouds of it into our son's mouth and on the backs of his hands.

              My contribution has been instant hot chocolate (at least I make it with milk) with a HUGE serving of the above RediWhip on top. He absolutely loves it.

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                Yeah, we introduced our kids to the mouth shot full of whipped cream too. My rationale is that when all is said and done it's not actually all that many calories for a huge payoff in fun! Plus, yummy!

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                  Oh yes, "Uncle S" is his absolute favorite because of the readiwhip! It is their shared guilty pleasure.

              2. Oreos, untwist, smear with peanut butter, rebuild, eat!

                1. A toasted peanut butter sandwich dipped in coffee w/ milk.
                  I don't remember its origin when I was a kid, but we us kids often had this as our breakfast of choice. The key is to let the toast cool before spreading PB on it so it won't run all over.
                  Also, don't drink the last 3rd of your coffee because it will be full of soggy crumbs. Delicious.

                  1. Once in a while I'll break down and buy chicken flavored rice-a-roni. The whole family goes gaga for it.

                    1. Many years ago, I taugt my two year old son and my five year old daughter to put pitted black olives on all ten fingers and eat them off their fingers. They loved it, I was mortified when my husband walked in and we all had olives on our fingers.

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                        My daughter was recently introduced to black olives. She's now partial to anything that looks like an olive, including Greek or kalamata olives

                      2. I introduced my grandson to the fine art of spraying ReadyWhip directly into your mouth.

                        1. Monkey bread def. is off my usual recipe radar but the gang loves it!

                          Gorilla bread (which is monkey bread with addition of cream cheese in the batch) is a close second.

                          Homemade monkey bread takes time, the Pillsbury cheat version is done in 15 mins from pop can to table.

                          We've made it camping, hold up in a hotel and of course at home.

                          Monkey bread just equals smiles.

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                            Do you roll the dough around the cream cheese or just intersperse it around the dough balls?

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                              Mid bake we add the cream cheese so it's hot but keeps a shape. If added at the start the cream cheese melts too much. If added after it stays to firm. So, we found adding the blobs of cream cheese mid-bake works best. Oh, and we add a sprinkle of cinnamon to the cream cheese too beforehand.

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                                Thanks! It sounds like a most delicious guilty pleasure!

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                                  Sure! Especially right out of the oven.

                          2. My friend introduced me to Triscuits baked with a slice of cheddar cheese and sprinkled with Lawrey's seasoned salt. They're delicious and I've passed it on to a few friends.

                            1. Peanut butter and bacon on white toast to my nieces and nephew. They thought it sounded gross until they tasted it.

                              1. My father taught all his grandchildren the joys of eating ice cream with maple syrup on top.

                                He taught all his children how to make Mickey Mouse soup out of their ice cream, and I passed that tradition along to my children.