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Nov 9, 2012 07:54 PM

Lox and bagel between Charlton and 57th Avenue along 6th? Seeking ideas

Evening all,

Back in the City next week- usual company/personal housing options in Midtown and Tribeca are currently home to local employees with post-storm commuting issues, so I took a hotel room in SOHO.

I am a huge fan of both Zucker's and Tal on 1st and 53rd. I have explored most other options in the immediate vicinity of both these locations, and these 2 are my favorites hands down.

Grateful for suggestions for similar quality and bagel style running up 6th Avenue from Charlton (Varick cross street that far south) to 57th (and hoping with all the current craziness I can still get a cab to wait while I run in). Not just for me- when I visit it is my tradition to bring lox and bagels into the office for breakfast (and lunch) every day. So I need to make a lot of very smart and good people happy.

Thanks for any thoughts.

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  1. Murray's Bagels on Sixth Ave btw.12th and 13th Streets.
    Citarella on Sixth Ave and 9th St. will cut smoked salmon to order.

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    1. I agree with Chuck's endorsement of Murray's and I'll add Bagels on the Square on Carmine St. just north of Bleecker (you can see it from 6th Ave).

      I'll also add that rather than trying to get a cab to wait or catching a new cab you might have the bagels delivered to you. Bagels on the Square is on and Murray's is on

      1. Many thanks to you all! This is one of the best chowhound boards. I have 4 mornings in town- so will give all 3 a try- Murray's first based on the unanimous raves. All 3 look a nice early morning walk from the hotel before cabbing it the rest of the way- so I am good! Will be fun to compare these to the many places I have tried on the East side of town.

        1. Actually Murray's is owned and run by the same folks that own Zucker's. You should find their food similar. The onloy difference I've found is that Auckers will toast their bagels whereas Murray's will not.

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          1. re: porkpa

            That's odd. The Murray's in the Financial District will toast their bagels.

          2. I've never done a head to head with Murray's, but I love Corner Cafe, on the southwest corner of 6th Ave. and 24th St.