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Nov 9, 2012 07:28 PM

Grass-fed meat source

My nephew and niece live in Fort Worth. They were recently married and I'd like to give them some money to spend at a great butcher shop near where they live. By a "great" butcher shop I mean an actual butcher who can talk to them about the meat, preferably locally owned, and carrying meat with a bunch of hippie adjectives attached. The adjectives I'm specifically thinking of ideally include but may not be limited to: organic; local; grass-fed; humanely raised; sustainably raised; small family farm.

I'm from out of state and I don't know the area at all. They are living 5 miles from TCU on S. Hulen Street. I'm pretty sure they have a car.

So does anyone know of a great butcher shop near them?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Central Market on Hulen is an upscale grocery store and they live right by it. They carry grass-fed beef ... but it may not be quite the special place you have in mind, although I was thrilled out of my ever-loving mind when it went in and have shopped there regularly ever since.

      Another option that is exactly what you have in mind but is *not* within walking distance is Local Yocal in McKinney, which is farmer/rancher owned. The beef is raised 70 miles away in Durant, OK. McKinney's square is a great place to visit and I do so regularly ... you could potentially combine GCs with one for a meal on the square. Patina Green is a great place (it includes a mini farmer's market with good frozen meats and poultry) ... Square Burger gets their beef from good local providers, and if they are beer drinkers, have an amazing selection on tap. I don't know a lot about Hamm's, but it's another good butcher that's right there within walking distance.

      You can Google all this stuff to your heart's content--everyone I mentioned has a web presence. Enjoy :)


        They have a butcher shop in driving distance of Ft Worth, or deliver anywhere in the metroplex.

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          I'm not a troll, I'm a hippie! :) Thanks so much for your help.

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            Oh, and no, they are NOT hippies... I'm just trying to impose my values on them through a wedding gift :)

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              LOL! So, do you want to adopt me? By the way, for those living in the metroplex. I do believe you can special order some cuts that have never been frozen. And their beef is dry aged.

        2. Not in Ft. Worth but, I'd try Bolsa Mercado, an organic market and restaurant. And Urban Acres. An organic market only. Both are very close to each other on W. Davis Street in Oak Cliff. They'll be more of what you're looking for.

          1. Well you can take your pick from the following:

            CSA Deliveries
            Farmers Market Stands
            Home delivery
            Mail delivery
            Actual Source

            All that said here are some local purveyors of meat (you didn't specify beef, lamb, goat, chicken, cat - just kidding about the cat)

            I would start with this map from


            Burgundy Pasture Beef - Grandview - Beef and Chicken

            Sendero Brothers - Arlington - Beef

            Slankers - Powderly, TX - Beef

            If you need more I can provide you with numerous purveyors. I have found that visiting the actual farm and making direct contact with the ranchers makes for a better experience. You get to make a weekend of the trip, get awesome products, and sometimes get extras.