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Nov 9, 2012 06:10 PM

price inflation at Bibiana?

I had a wonderful lunch in March at Bibiana which was a great bargain---$15 for a glass of wine, a plate of pasta, and a dessert. Just looked at the menu and the lunch special is now $25 for an appetizer, pasta, and a dessert. A bit of a jump in price!

Any other lunch spots I should check out if all I want is a plate of really good pasta and a glass of wine? We'll be visiting DC and we are great walkers and Metro riders, so any location in DC proper is fine.

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  1. Hi Soccermom13,

    We still offer the $15 lunch special that includes a glass of wine or soda, pasta and sorbet or gelato dessert. It is only available at the bar or in the lounge area. Please come back and join us - we would love to have you.

    For clarification purposes, the $25 lunch, is our business lunch which is a three course meal with 3-4 options within each course. It is a bigger meal but allows for quick table service in the dining room to ensure your party is in and out in under an hour.

    I hope we see you soon! Thanks for posting!


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      Wow! I am delighted that you responded to my post. I will be back! I loved my lunch there last year.

    2. There is an additional dish---not sure if it's that much of a price jump.

      Bibiana personally is my favorite Italian restaurant in DC. I also like the more casual Il Canale in Georgetown. Their pasta with clams is very good. They also have delicious meatballs and pizza.

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