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Nov 9, 2012 05:26 PM

Hello Mystic- eastern R.i.--REAL BBQ !!!-- Kit Kats in Pawcatuck

This is like finding great nyc deli, or superb shanhai cuisine-- in the middle of Utah. I am talking about REAL BBQ (perfectly smoked, tender as yr. lovers kiss) and sweet and wonderful sides (collards, yams, etc)-- Right under Westerly's nose. Unlikely, right? I am talking about KIT KAT's, the real thing, the nazz, smoked like Kentucky/ tennessee-- and at a price that features very real value.

Kit Kat's Southern BBQ, 36 Mechanic Street, Pawcatuck-- right by the river! It's been there a year,mand could use some support, because this food is too good, and it will uplift you.Particulars: a gerous and perfectly ,pull-away easy on a deep hardwood smoke Chicken. My wife and I dined sumptuously tonite for $17, pushed back from the table, satisfied greatly. HEADS UP: Tuesday and Wednesday nite : pulled pork & fixings ALL YOU CAN EAT-- $5.95. Food of this quality, cooked with some real love & respect, at ths price-- just does not happen elsewhere. But here's more : Sunday & monday features wings for $.35 each, smoked and sauced O( your choice, sweet, mustardy, or Kick-Ass, all of them superb tangy, tasty. Eat there, this place has a warm glow, it is comfortable, friendly, all good-- or Kit Kat Delivers, in a 20- or so mile radius. Southern New England, hear me: do not let this place go dark. People it and keep it. Like finding pearls and sweet oysters in Nebraska-- very surprising, but here it is true.

The owners have bonafied BBQ ROOTS-- this smokery serves an evolved and truly American flavor. The smoke is hardwood, but light, cooked long, it comes to the plate perfectly done. Ribs? Omigod! Purists delight: it doesn't actually need the sauce to knock you over, dead. I will not say much more here, except that I havevtravelled the South & Southwest extensively, over a period of 45 years. I know Memphis, I know Kansas City... I know Bbq. Please visit this spot, if you let this one go, you will miss it dearly. You can smell the smoke down the street. Warm your hands at the deep smoker itself. Go there now, tell me if I am wrong...

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  1. Fully agree. Kit Kats is very comparable to the best the south has to offer - FAR better than any I've had north of the Carolinas.

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      True to that...what concerns me is that I see the signs here of of under-patronage, not enough covers. The effort they are putting out is not being rewarded. I have done a private email message to a group of eaters, asking them in turn to do the same. I will talk to Kit Kats owners & ask if they might want to do a Chowhound Coupon-- somebody walks in & just says Chowhound, gets 20 percent off. Would you be willing to do the same. They can use a hand right now... This is just the place you want for a winter meal, no. Help me do a call-out? It works.... James

    2. I am familiar with the area in general and no one I know has ever mentioned the place. I now see where someone else started a thread here back in January of this year. 0 replies. Have they advertised in the Westerly Sun & New London Day? Printed a shortened menu in the local papers? Delivery would be a huge plus If the answer is yes to advertising all I can is think that they opened the wrong BBQ joint in the wrong area. I think that's a big part of the problem here but I wish them best of luck.

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      1. re: miss_belle

        Really good, really affordable, places that radiate flavor--and love-- places where you can dine magnificently for what you would pay at a bloody Macdonalds, for godsake -- these kinds of places DESERVE OUR ACTIVE SUPPORT. Try this: visit here, and if in any way I am wrong, your opinion is as good as mine, as good as mine, and I am from a family of chefs and have cooked in 2 NYC 3 stars-- try getting 3 stars from the bleeding NY Times, o my-- anyway -- try this spot. Then, if you like it, send a link (Kit Kat has its own really good website, too) To ALL YOUR FRIENDS, you will be doing them a favor. Places like this (pardon me, but my opinion: New England in general can be a bit lukewarm about places that offer truly unique, highly evolved flavor) please do something to actively Support Them....

        1. re: miss_belle

          Ps-- this place has done absolutely nothing wrong, as you imply. Their circumstances probably don't allow for expensive advertising. Anyway-- advertising has very little at all
          To do with a restaurant's success. Word of mouth is what you want, as much as you can get...

          1. re: jodell

            Actually, in a small area like that where BBQ is not particularly popular Advertising is VERY important. Their "menu" in the paper wpuldn't hurt..

        2. I went there today (11/10) based on the reviews on this board. Maybe I ordered poorly or it was an off day but overall I wasn't as impressed as the other Hounds in this thread.

          Pros: The owners are lovely people. We were served by Kit Kat herself, the daughter of the owners. She is very poised, informed on the menu and has a great personality and happy to have the restaurant named for her. Mrs. Mensch enjoyed her pulled pork, collard greens and "sweet" fries which were not sweet potato fries but appeared to be fries with a sweet syrup. I chose baked beans as one of my sides and thought they were quite good.

          Cons: I ordered the Rib Combo plate (baby backs) and unlike jodell, mine were not as tender "as your lover's kiss." You get four ribs and two of them hardly had any meat on them and were burned to the point where they were inedible. My second side was potato salad and I didn't like it at all. The potatoes were hard and undercooked and there seemed to be too much vinegar. I was also disappointed that the cornbread squares were not warmed at all. They were cold, dry and appeared to me not fresh at all.

          I really wanted to like this place more than I did. If I find myself in that area again, I will give it another try. I wish there was some kind of sampler plate at Kit Kat. I'm curious about the chicken and brisket. Btw, there were framed reviews from the Sun and the Day on the walls so there has been some media attention. We were there for lunch and there was only one other table occupied and one takeout order while we were there.

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          1. re: chowmensch

            Great, thoughtful comment. We were there today around 4 & ribs were spectacular. My comment is: tell the waitress there is something about yr order that doesn't work for you. Then see what you get back. Another comment: real Southern food is sweet on a Northeast palate, because thats how this mini cuisine really is, they do sweet, which can be matched by the tartness of 2 of the sauces they offer. Kit Kat herself-- rocks--doesn't she. And yes, bad orders can sometimes go out from really good kitchens. Give them the chance to fix it... Usually, having more covers to fill actually helps consistency in a really good spot, and getting enough covers in there is the issue, to me...

          2. My wife and I have driven from Warwick on several occasions and really enjoy the food and the service. Pulled pork is not usually my go-to dish but it is really good here. Love the fries with the onions. Wish the cornbread was better, and wish they had a meat combo, but a very solid bbq joint overall.