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Jul 20, 2005 04:40 PM

Mex restaurants Seaside CA

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Can anyone direct us to a GOOD Oaxacan restaurant in Seaside, Calif? (If not Oaxacan, other Mexican?) We are true aficionados & frequent visitors to Oaxaca, so no gringo-type places please. Can be a hole in the wall. Gracias, Ellen

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  1. Below is a link to a thread that I started about eats around the Seaside area. There's alot of good recs in there, a few for Mexican, although I don't think for Oaxacan specifically. I haven't had a chance to try anything yet, but please report back and give us an update. Enjoy!


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      Best hole in the wall - Taqueria Garcia - between the Latino Market and Domino's - just east on Broadway from Mi Tierra Mkt which is at the corner of Fremont and Broadway.

      Only Oaxacan dish I spotted recently in Seaside is at San Pablo which is on Palm just off of Del Monte. It features a chile relleno made with a Oaxacan Chile. Did not have a chance to to try. There is a Oaxacan place in Salinas. Also wonderful south of Mexico food at Fiesta Tepa etc in Watsonville.

      good eating,


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        Is the Oaxacan place in Salinas good? Do you have a name?

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          Melanie Wong posted about El Oaxaqueno in Gonzales and said that there was a sister restaurant at 737 S. Sanborn Place, 831-754-1968. I saw a place claiming Oaxacan cuisine alongside Blanco Rd - the connector between Hwy 68 and 101. Whether it was the same one, I don't know. You might want to just post a query about Oaxacan in Salinas; Melanie would know what the situation was, I'm sure.

          1. re: e.d.

            Here's the link. Sanborn Place is a small street paralleling Sanborn Rd. When you approach Salinas from the south and take the exit off 101 for the Monterey Peninsula, you land on Sanborn Rd. in the middle of the produce shipping lines right where El Oaxaqueno is located and easily visible from the road. Sanborn becomes Blanco Rd. after you cross Abbott St. and takes you to 68, so I bet you saw El Oaxaqueno.