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Nov 9, 2012 03:55 PM

White Castle Cheeseburgers in Calgary?

I'm new to Calgary and looking for a grocery store that may carry frozen White Castle cheeseburgers, since there are no White Castle locations here. I need these "Cheeseburgers in Paradise" for my Margaritaville Party in January!

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  1. You can only buy the frozen ones in the USA we got them in ... the closet location is around South Dakota. My son wanted White Castle for his birthday and we were adventurous. Closest real White Castle is in Minneapolis. Although on the FAQS is does say you can buy them at the Walmart supercentres/IGA/Associated foods in Montana. I would just give them a call.

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    1. re: kritafo

      Thanks! I will definitely check there!

    2. while they do ship within the US, if the border isn't too far you could have it held at the UPS pick-up location - for international you'd have to contact customer service directly. going from Milwaukee to Calgary in January I wouldn't worry about them thawing. cargo shippers don't heat the freight spaces unless they're paid extra.
      but probably easier and cheaper for a friend to pack a cheap styro cooler and ship it.
      Toll-Free: (800) 999-0001
      Phone: (262) 786-8400
      Fax: (262) 796-2089

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        Great idea! Thanks! Are there any restrictions on shipping food from US to Canada?

      2. Ok, I'm curious. What is special about a frozen cheeseburger? I can't imagine it being anything other than a soggy mess.

        Two suggestions: Firstly, try Superstore, I have seen frozen sliders there, but I think they may be predominantly a summer item. Secondly, don't roll out the burgers until you've gone through several pitchers of Margaritas. And maybe a certain type of appetite enhancer from BC.

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          It's nothing like eating a homemade, fresh cheeseburger by any means. But they aren't horrible, especially after our potent sangria. We usually order directly from a White Castle location and with 75-100 people at the party, it's easier than making our own. Frozen is the only option this year. These cheeseburgers and our coconut shrimp and shrimp ceviche are the hit of the party every year!

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            Your killing me...Know anyone that works at the airport? You can bring food onto the plane I have brought back Cinnabon from the US multiple times. If you could find someone going they could pick up cases of the burgers and put them directly on the plane with them. You might be able to find a store manager to take them to the airport for some extra cash.

            I just want Chicken rings..right now and jalapeno cheeseburger to go.

          2. re: Scary Bill

            oh Bill. WC belly bombers are by definition, even served fresh, a soggy mess.

            there are all sorts of recipes on the web to approximate them, but none sound quite right. I only get the urge every 3-5 months so I survive, and the frozen is almost as good. but the appetite enhancer you mention is certainly helpful.

            the flaw in the US TSA is that cargo freight isn't scanned at the same level as you or I. shipping unpreserved food items (declared) draws red flags. but anything that fits in a Fed-Ex or UPS box usually goes through. gets tossed around a lot, but I don't think it gets x-rayed/opened etc.

            there are agencies that (for a price) will pick up any box, check it as freight and coordinate with another company in the destination city for doorstep delivery. we used to use American and Delta for this. ain't cheap, but if the company is paying and you're on a deadline it's fast.

            I can't speak to Canadian rules.

          3. I think you need to be cautious about anyone hand carrying meat on to a plane over the border. We came from Orlando through customs in Toronto and the agent made us throw out our sandwiches because they contained meat. I think some would let it go but you wouldn't be happy if you had to toss them.

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              It is only because they can't determine the origin of the meat. Meat products made in the USA and marked clearly are fine to import in. I brought fresh steaks and Kalua pork from Hawaii in on the plane to Calgary and declared them. They didn't even ask to see them, just asked me what and where they were from.