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Nov 9, 2012 03:31 PM

Quality of food at catering venues

Can anyone comment on the quality of the Kosher food at either of these wedding venues in NY?
They all have in-house Kosher catering

Crest Hollow LI
Windows on the Lake LI
Pallisadium NJ
Any advice would be welcome

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  1. Crest Hollow has definitely been discussed here. A search will bring up the relevant threads.

    1. I was at a wedding in Crest Hollow 2 weeks ago. Food was horrible. Both the Smorg and the meal. Service was great however. It was a glatt kosher affair. I dont know who the caterer was.

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        As I once posted before, it depends on which kosher caterer is used, even at the same place. I've been to two affairs there, with radically different levels of food. See the previous threads.