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Nov 9, 2012 03:21 PM

jerry 13

Visiting Greater Seattle Area over this weekend and want to find best restaurant for Cioppino; pricing not an issue as it's my wife's birthday. Also looking for good shell fish! Staying in at the Marriott Waterfront in Seattle but would drive to find the best meals. thks

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  1. Ponti seafood has a really nice Bouillabaisse which is pretty similar.

    1. Ivar's Salmon House on Lake Union underneath I-5, great Cioppino and menu, and a night time view of the lake and Seattle that can't be beat. Check it out.

        1. re: Brunhilde

          Il Bistro is cozy and romantic too, so that would be an ideal spot for a birthday celebration dinner.

        2. Walrus & The Carpenter for shellfish (it requires a short drive into the north end, but seeing parts of the city outside downtown is worthwhile) .

          1. Blueacre has Cioppino and also has good shellfish. It is downtown and not too bad to get to from the Marriott.