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Live sand crabs or fresh sand crab meat

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Does anyone know where to find live sand crabs or fresh meat? I can get it in Maine but, was looking for some place in mass. Thank you for any help.

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  1. Do you really mean actual "sand crabs" or you using that phrase generically to refer to live crab in general? To my knowledge, sand crabs only grow to 1 1/2 inches big so I can't imaging they have any meat worth eating, unless it's like eating a soft shell.

    If you mean Live Crab then I can tell you I've seen crab tanks at KAM in Quincy, and closer to home for me is Joe's Fish and Lobster in Sandwich, which has a huge tank of live crab for $2 per pound. They also have containers of fresh picked meat which comes from Maine for $9. I would suspect the meat's available at any decent fish market in the state.

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      CC Guy, Sand Crabs are a crab that is only found in the North East. They live from the Cape Cod up to Canada. They look exactly like a Dungeons Crab from the West Coast but they are about the size of a Jonah or Rock Crab. I would say 10-14 ounces on average. They are a shallow water crab that lives in the sand. Lobster men usually fish deeper water over a rocky bottom so, unless you are fishing them, they would not be a typical by catch for lobster men. The meat is very sweet. I can get it in Maine but, I don't want to drive to Portland. I am looking to hopefully find a place in Mass.

      P.S. Victors Veal was very good. The sauce could have been better but, the veal was spot on.

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        Looks like these are the crabs commonly called "peekytoe."

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          That was an awesome read. That is the crab I am talking about. I catch them in my lobster traps off Winthrop all the time. Due to a back issue I have not fished my lobster traps over the past two years. They are the best crabs you will ever taste. I miss the sweet taste of the crabs. I am in my 40's and have always called them Sand Crabs. Just like I call the refrigerator an Ice box. I grew up around a large old school family.

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            I LOVE these crabs, when we were on vacation the local lobster guy was practically giving these crabs away as no one watned them. We paid $1/lb or less, he was literally throwing the rest of them back in the water! Or maybe they were Jonah crabs?

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            Ahhh...gotchya. I know it as peekytoe or rock crab, never heard them referred to as a sand crab. What I know as a sand crab is also called a mole crab, small crabs that burrow under the sand and get no bigger than an inch or so.

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              Here in Portland they are often called Jonah crabs.

              1. re: LeRique

                They are two different crabs. Very similar but, different.

      2. http://www.foodsubs.com/Shelfishcrab....

        Here is what the crab looks like.


        This is a Jonah crab.