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Nov 9, 2012 02:53 PM

Looking for Chinese restaurant with private dining room

Large group (12-15) seeking private dining room in reliable restaurant in Chinatown, San Francisco
Participants in a meeting in San Francisco on Friday, November 17, seek a private dining room to accommodate 12-15 guests for dinner, in a reliable and "authentic" restaurant. Any ideas?

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  1. R & G Lounge in Chinatown has private dining rooms to accommodate your size of group. The round table for 16 gets a bit wobbly. I suggest going with the set banquet menus. And if Dungeness crab season starts on time, the signature dish, salt and pepper crab is a must.

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      Just want to add R&G Lounge is also easily the best restaurant in Chinatown, and holds its own against the best elsewhere in the city. Many Cantonese restaurants around the Bay Area are still trying to get their batter as light as the version at R&G--with the salt and pepper crab that is. If this is a business meeting, however, please consider the fact that you will get your fingers dirty, and maybe not everyone is good at eating crab. ;-)

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Dear Melanie,

        You gave us good advice. Last night 14 of us showed up for our reservation. After about 15 minutes we were seated, and my wife ordered dinner for us: cold platter with jellyfish and cold meat, plus barbecued pork; then mashed corn and crab soup; then dou miao, oxtail, eggplant,
        crab (Vincent's warning about inexperienced crab eaters was ignored, but accurate!), pancakes with squab, and several other dishes. None was bad --though there were some particularly good dishes. So far as I know, the table was not wobbly. The Lazy susan was a little too hard to reach for some of us. Service was efficient, polite and -- in view of the crowds -- quite prompt.
        Before going, we were able to check your advice with two other local cognoscenti. Everyone agreed that R&G is good value. Many thanks for your help!

      2. Where did you end up and how was it?