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Taco Catering at Home--Los Angeles

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I've seen a few posts about great-tasting taco catering where they come to your house for a party and do full service catering, BUT does anybody know of taco catering groups who have great aesthetics to go along with the great food?

I'm looking for a group to cater for a big birthday celebration at our house and would like to find a group that can handle serving tacos, providing heat lamps, do the classy linen tablecloth thing... If anybody has any suggestions (especially groups with websites!), please post. And thanks very much in advance!

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  1. I would recommend Chichen Itza, personally we use them to lots of professional catering and they are a top notch group and the food is absolutely flavorful with great ingredients. They can do the street taco with a white glove treatment. Check them out at Mercado la Paloma, especially on the weekends to try their Lechon. Just stunning!


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      I came across an old post you recommended for Taquiza la Fiesta...does that mean you don't recommend them anymore for taco catering?
      What was your experience when you used them? How would you rate the food?
      Any advice or suggestions?

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        Hi Tammea!

        I would still recommend Taquiza La Fiesta for a low key family event like a birthday party, shower, small reunion. But if you are looking for more formal & larger scale caterer... Then the two I mentioned above are EXCELLENT.

        I found TlF to be of excellent value & good quality. The guys very personable too (which is good when the taco line gets long at the party). But as with all taco caters, you should spell out EXACTLY what you want. Otherwise unordered to hook you with the lowest price possible, they will serve you only the basics... So clarify... Hours, beans, rice, jalapeƱos & cebollas asadas, quesadillas for the kids, etc....


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          Hi! Two completely different experiences. Taquiza la Fiesta is a straight taco cart. Great for kids parties and picnics. The post wanted also aesthetics, so Chichen Itza is an excellent choice for when you want to the polish for a special celebration such a milestone birthday.


      2. Dommy and other hounds -chichen itza still a good for taco catering? any other spots for a home party?

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          Yep! We just had them cater an event for us with great success!