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Nov 9, 2012 01:32 PM

Tabor Ethiopian reopens (finally), Baltimore

Tabor has long been my favorite Ethiopian place in Baltimore (not that there's much of a choice) and has been closed for a move/renovation for seven long (Ethiopian food free) months. I've been driving by their new space on Park Ave near Mulberry periodically, hoping that they would be open, and on Tuesday they were (finally!).

While the menu was limited, the food was a good as I'd missed and the absolute cheap eats prices hadn't budged upwards even one little bit. The official grand opening is Saturday and Sunday. If you've not been, they're definitely worth checking out.

And, in related news: While chatting with some folks there, I leaned that another Ethiopian place is going to open across the street and an Ethiopian coffee house is slated to open a few doors down from Tabor. What once was Baltimore's teeny tiny Chinatown seems to be morphing into Baltimore's teeny tiny Little Ethiopia. But, I'll take a new ethnic enclave, no matter how small!

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