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Nov 9, 2012 12:24 PM

Seeking Richmond recommendations based on these criteria...

I love offal, small plates, ethnic food, unique flavor combinations, and anything especially interesting. I'll be dining solo, so if a place has counter seating (with food viewing), that's a bonus! But not looking to do anywhere that's fine dining better-suited to a group of two or more.

Also, I'm always looking for any interesting, high-quality sandwiches.

Any recommendations for me based on what I've shared so far?

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  1. I havent tried it yet since I am always dining with small kids, but the Blue Goat may be up your alley. They have small plates and a "snout to tail" type menu. Not sure about the seating, but you may want to check it out.

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      Thanks! Unfortunately, I was a bit under the weather, so I didn't make it there, though it sounds interesting. I did enjoy a sandwich at Olio instead.

      1. re: PenskeFan

        Looking over the menu, I was excited to try Blue Goat but my dinner there last night was subpar. My wife had the duck confit and pork belly, while I had the pork cheeks. Surprisingly, all three meats tasted quite similar - very gamey, almost as if they had been aged together.

        Normally, these three items (confit, pork belly and "anything" cheeks) would be at the top of our list but in this case they were dominated by the off flavors. While one dish was served with pumpkin spaetzle and spinach and the other was served with a white beer cassoulet, even the sides tasted similar.

        Perhaps we caught them on a bad night or chose our dishes poorly, so I would be interested in the experiences of others.