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Nov 9, 2012 11:51 AM

stringy sweet potatoes this year?

I recently bought some organic garnet sweet potatoes, thinking they would be good because they are in season. I baked them as usual and they ended up and stringy and starchy. Is it the harvest this year or do you think I just got a bad batch? I also accidentally bought and baked one Japanese sweet potato along with the others and it was delicious. But for Thanksgiving I want to go with the traditional orange fleshed variety. Any advice or insight?

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  1. In south Louisiana they are fine. You might want to try sous vide the potatoes @ 150 for al least two hours and then baking them.

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      And do you have an easy, low cost method for us all to use for sous vide potatoes?

    2. Slightly OT, but advice for anyone who is planning to peel them first. Do NOT try to run a messa sweet potato peels down a garbage disposal! TWO T-Days in a row ended up with a clog... even though I thought I gave plenty of water and time for grinding them up.

      1. The ones I have been working with are fine. Both Ruby Garnets and Beauregards.

          1. Here in CO my organic Jewels have been fine.