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Nov 9, 2012 11:39 AM

Tonkatsu Yachiyo / Chashu egg

If someone in Japan could please kindly assist me with an inquiry... :)

According to this blogger's entry (,
under the picture of the chashu egg dish, it notes served only on Tuesday, Wednesday
or Saturday...

At the site that hosts information on places to eat at Tsukiji:

It notes served on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (火,木,土) Hopefully google translated
that part correctly... ^^;

Normally, I would go with the place's own site info, but since Tonkatsu Yachiyo doesn't
maintain their own site...

You gotta wonder which is correct. :


Thank you for your time and effort if you chose to assist me and call the restaurant up
and make the direct inquiry.

If I spoke Japanese, I would do this myself... Thanks again! :)

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  1. There are multiple photos of the menu on Tabelog that say Tues,Thurs, Sat--> .

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      1. re: K K

        Agreed on the Tue, Thu, Sat.

        Great spot. When I first went to Tsukiji I couldn't understand why there'd be a joint there not related to seafood. Until I realised that was probably the last thing the workers would want! I've been there for the chashu egg 4 or 5 times now - fantastic. And popular. Make sure you get there before midday or you might find it's sold out. (As I did once, one Saturday.) Still, even if that happens, there's still plenty of good stuff there - had a fantastic 'set' of prawn, fish, and scallop, instead. Amazing. And as an aside, it feels good just to be able to walk into the place and eat, especially as the majority of folks at the sushi places nearby have been lining up for hours... :D