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Nov 9, 2012 11:05 AM

Weaver's Smoked Dried Beef & Pork Bacon... HELP!

I live in RI and for years have been ordering Weaver's Dried Smoked Beef and Bacon directly from Godshall's (the new-ish owner of Weaver's) and have just found out that they no-longer offer mail or online orders to individuals. They only want to deal with retailers (wholesale orders).

Does anyone know where else I can buy these items and have them shipped?

I am panicked because it is our family's tradition to have Weaver's for breakfast on Thanksgiving and Christmas morning... Hormel just won't do!!!

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  1. There are many similar products to there available in this area (Lancaster County)
    This style of meats/bacon are very common around here.
    If you're willing to try a different brand, you'll probably have more success in getting them shipped
    in time for the holiday.

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    1. Stauffers, a local chain, carries very similar products. Not sure if they ship.
      S. Clyde Weaver also has similar meats.

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        Thank you! I've heard that S. Clyde Weaver is very good also. I will probably try them as they seem to have shipping available.

        1. re: rpglancy

          I love S.Clyde Weaver products. I have not done mail order. But I try to make a stop at one of their farmer market sites when I am in PA.

          Meeting siblings for Thanksgiving in Easton PA. (they are in Pittsburgh, I am in SE CT) My sister and I wIll be visiting a farmer's market Saturday to shop S. Clyde Weaver before driving home..

          1. re: ML PAVACT

            Thanks for the endorsement of S.Clyde Weaver... They seem to be the best option and offer both the Dried Smoked Beef and Smoked Bacon that I am looking for. They do offer online shopping and shipping, though prices are more expensive than Godshall's/Weaver's... oh well. Better than not having it at all ;)

            1. re: ML PAVACT

              Agreed! I grew up in Lancaster visiting the Central Market and for a time the Southern Market in the late '50s, 60's and 70's. S. Clyde Weaver's stand was always a first stop. The quality and varieties of their meats was fantastic, and they were a lovely family. Good hunting.

          2. re: pacheeseguy

            I ordered for S Clyde Weaver and it was fabulous! More expensive than the old Weavers through Godshals, but at least I can get it shipped back East. Thanks for the help!