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Nov 9, 2012 10:58 AM

Where to find beef cheeks today without pre-ordering

Looking for a Bay Area butcher where I can buy beef cheeks tonight without pre-ordering. Marin or San Francisco preferred. Thanks!

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    1. The Hayward Business Costco at 22330 Hathaway Avenue Hayward, CA 94541-4861 (510) 259-6600 generally has 2 beef cheek packages and tongue for that matter at inexpensive prices. They are not open on Sundays and close early M-S. This is not grass-fed free-range organic beef... They always have the gigantic 30 lb boxes of cheeks in the freezer and still have the whole frozen New Zealand lamb carcasses in muslin shrouds.

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        I was in Hayward Business Center Costco last year, December 6, and they had beef cheeks for $1.65 per lb, each box is around 60 lbs.

      2. I get mine from Olivier's Butchery in the Dogpatch. they usually have them pre-packaged.

        1. In SF, try Golden Gate Meats in the Ferry Building.