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Nov 9, 2012 10:49 AM

Upcoming trip to Todos Santos - any comments on these restaurants/taquerias or suggestions?

I'm looking for authentic Mexican or food riffing on it and simply prepared fresh seafood. Any thoughts on these places? I am really most interested in taquerias and ceviches or raw fish offerings (sashimis of local fish, aguachiles - along those lines) so any suggestions would be appreciated there...

-Los Adobes
-Bistro Santo Vino & Wine Bar
-El Zaguan
-Mariscos Mi Costa
-El Pastorcito
-Tacos George
-Taqueria El Parguito
-Taqueria De Cabeza
-La Paloma Paleteria
-Los Michoacanos (on way into town?)

On some popular recs:

Unless Cafe Santa Fe is like one of the best restaurants ever, I'm not interested. Miguel's has seriously mixed reviews. Guaycura sounds nice but the prices are high even by metropolitan US standards.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Guaycura expensive and not worth it-same for Santa Fe-waaay expensive.
    We all love Miguel's because we love him but his food is just okay.
    I don't personally like Landi's but others do. Nice setting.
    Carlito's in Pescadero is excellent but can be very pricey -Don't let him make suggestions - stick with the menu.
    Los Adobes only for the sopa de tarasco (maybe not spelled right)- a yummy soup not unlike tortilla soup but with a bean base. Otherwise it is very mediocre - tour busses pull up in front.
    Desertu can be wonderful - the chef worked with Arzak in San Sebastian - make sure he is there - his name is Jose. Order whatever he suggests
    Zaguan always good.
    Mariscos - once a favorite - it is truly a locals' place. They are not welcoming to gringos and close early and often run out of camarones and they have gotten a bit pricey by local standards. Barajas a local institution. Same for Tacos George.
    Can't think off hand where El Parguito or de cabeza . are located.
    Yes yes to La Paloma -try the rosemary limn sorbet.
    Favorite taco place - Compa Chava - on the truck bypass - first right as you come into town from Cabo - second restaurant on the right - they close early.
    Santo Vino - Dany from Hotel CA - not my favorite but others like it. A bit pricey.
    Special night out - Michael's at the Gallery - Friday & Saurday night only. Lovely place and great food - a bit pricey but well worth it.
    Special but pricey lunch or dinner - La Casita at the stop light.
    New - GOOD taco stand - actually gorditas and tostadas - sorry forget the name- Que bueno maybe? Local mexicans and gringos fill the stools- they close when they run out of food - across from Comex paint store on the same side of the street- Militar at Hidalgo.

    A new place opening soon - The Distillery will serve Mexican breakfast and lunch and will have special beer on tap.
    Breakfast and lunch at La Esquina in otro lado - local favorite.
    The book store in the center of town - El Tecolote has a juice and espresso bar in the back - GOOD!!
    Self serving promotion: go to and click on current issue to see what is going on and look for the Onionskin print edition at cafes, hotels and restaurants :)

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    1. re: Mariana in Baja

      Mariana, thank you very much for the detailed reply. I am surprised to hear you say DON'T let Carlos order for you, I read before TO let him. The Distillery sounds excellent, I love craft beer, but I am coming this week - do you think it will be open? Re: Mariscos, I don't need to spend money at places with an attitude whether at home or abroad.

      Also, I am staying in Pescadero. Any concerns about driving at night to and from Todos?

      1. re: chowhounder411

        You can let Carlos order if you bring $$$ No, theDistillery will not be open this week. For Pizza in Pescadero Palermo on the highway is good. Baja Beans is a popular hang out as well. Desertu has really slipped - don't bother. You should be all right on the new four-lane between TS and Pescadero.

        1. re: Mariana in Baja

          Disappointed to hear the Distillery won't be open. For El Parguito I have corner of Santos Degollado and Del Huerto for fish and shrimp tacos. Cabeza I have Colegio Militar. I will report back on my experiences/discoveries. Many thanks

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