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Nov 9, 2012 10:44 AM

Recipes for Bean Sprouts

Hi guys, care to share your simple, quick and easy to do bean sprouts recipe. I've been looking to munch on this lately, the only recipe I know on this is just stir-frying it with ground pork, squash and a bit of oyster sauce.


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  1. I do a good old plain version by stir-frying them in sesame oil, with some minced garlic and ginger, and finishing w/ a dash of soy sauce. Nothing fancy, but so good. Also nice w/ thinly sliced celery added, or anything else crunchy that you like: cabbage, water chestnuts, julienned bamboo shoots. Good stuff. I also add them to a Japanese cucumber salad, combining them with thinly-sliced cukes and onions (tamed) and more of that celery, and making a dressing from seasoned rice wine vinegar and a bit of sesame oil and salt, and just letting it sulk in it's own marinade for a bit.

    1. Besides the obvious stir fry, I love them in Spring Rolls:

      Also Egg Foo Young:

      And if you like egg rolls, try here:

      Add them to an Asian-inspired salad.

      1. I love the Korean style bean sprout side dish. It is easy to make, and can be made with either mung bean or soybean sprouts. I like the methods outlined here:

        Chinese places often make fairly similar cold side dishes with bean sprouts.

        I often use soybean sprouts to make a simple vegetarian stock too (along with some kelp).

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          Oh, yum, will47! I'll put these two links in my recipe dishes!

        2. Thanks for these recipes! Appreciate it! I noticed that most of the recipes include sesame seeds. Is it necessary to toast it or can I just put it as it is?

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            Toasted is better, but as-is works too. Toasted just gives a better depth of flavor.

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              Some may already be toasted when you buy them.

            2. Mung bean sprout or soy bean sprout?

              There are tons of recipes for bean sprout. Stir fry is definitely the most common one. I would use soy sauce instead of oyster sauce. However, the Korean Bimbimbap is definitely one which take advantage of bean sprout without stir fry. A wonderful dish.