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Recipes for Bean Sprouts

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Hi guys, care to share your simple, quick and easy to do bean sprouts recipe. I've been looking to munch on this lately, the only recipe I know on this is just stir-frying it with ground pork, squash and a bit of oyster sauce.


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  1. I do a good old plain version by stir-frying them in sesame oil, with some minced garlic and ginger, and finishing w/ a dash of soy sauce. Nothing fancy, but so good. Also nice w/ thinly sliced celery added, or anything else crunchy that you like: cabbage, water chestnuts, julienned bamboo shoots. Good stuff. I also add them to a Japanese cucumber salad, combining them with thinly-sliced cukes and onions (tamed) and more of that celery, and making a dressing from seasoned rice wine vinegar and a bit of sesame oil and salt, and just letting it sulk in it's own marinade for a bit.

    1. Besides the obvious stir fry, I love them in Spring Rolls: http://vegetarian.about.com/od/maindi...

      Also Egg Foo Young: http://chinese.food.com/recipe/egg-fo...

      And if you like egg rolls, try here: http://blogchef.net/egg-roll-recipe/

      Add them to an Asian-inspired salad.

      1. I love the Korean style bean sprout side dish. It is easy to make, and can be made with either mung bean or soybean sprouts. I like the methods outlined here:

        Chinese places often make fairly similar cold side dishes with bean sprouts.

        I often use soybean sprouts to make a simple vegetarian stock too (along with some kelp).

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          Oh, yum, will47! I'll put these two links in my recipe dishes!

        2. Thanks for these recipes! Appreciate it! I noticed that most of the recipes include sesame seeds. Is it necessary to toast it or can I just put it as it is?

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            Toasted is better, but as-is works too. Toasted just gives a better depth of flavor.

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              Some may already be toasted when you buy them.

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            2. Mung bean sprout or soy bean sprout?

              There are tons of recipes for bean sprout. Stir fry is definitely the most common one. I would use soy sauce instead of oyster sauce. However, the Korean Bimbimbap is definitely one which take advantage of bean sprout without stir fry. A wonderful dish.