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Nov 9, 2012 10:04 AM

Must-try dishes in Dallas?

Hello. I'm in Dallas for a long weekend. Rather than places to eat, per se, might any locals have suggestions for dishes that are worth seeking out? I'm up for anything, from food truck tacos to hole-in-the-wall BBQ to high-end, layered culinary madness. Thanks!

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  1. I'll just go with what I've been craving all week: the chile relleno from Matt's Rancho Martinez. It's a well made rellano topped with rasins and pecans. Sounds weird but it's great. I've seen them done like that other places but not often and never as good. The rest of their food is good too and magaritas are solid.

    1. The suadero (brisket belly) tacos from Tacos el Banqueta on either Gaston (attached to a Fina station and comfortable) or, the original on Bryan (a true "hole in the wall"). Be sure to ask them to add onions and cilantro. Then pour on some of their fabulous green hot sauce from the bottles on the counter.

      Il Cane Rosso for their authentic Neapolitan pizza. Have my favorite; Regina Margherita with imported buffalo mozzarella and I add, hot sopressata.

      First Chinese BBQ. The original on Polk at Greenville in Richardson. Have the roast duck. Be sure to order it dry. Otherwise, it comes swimming in sauce turning the lovely crisp skin, soggy.

      Jeng Chi in the Chinatown Center on Greenville in Richardson. Everything is delicious but I'm partial to the twice cooked pork, soup dumplings, and scallion pancakes.

      1. Chicken and waffle at Jonathon's Oak Cliff on Beckley Avenue in North Oak Cliff. So incredibly yummy! The perfect mix of savory, crispy fried chicken, creamy gravy that's indescribable, and a fluffy waffle with just the right touch of sweetness. It's the perfect time of year to enjoy brunch on their patio. And if you approach from the downtown Dallas area, be sure to get driving directions that route you over the beautiful new Margaret Hunt Hill bridge, designed by Santiago Calatrava. It's stunning!

        1. Bread pudding at Big Easy in Plano - you'll find none better.

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            Better than the breadpudding with irish whiskey sauce at the Monk?

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              Can't say. If it's light (not densely compacted), buttery and rich, it may come close to that served at Big Easy.

          2. Thanks everyone. I was in Dallas for a very short time, and I'm bummed to have missed some of these suggestions. However, I did drag my friends to suadero tacos at La Banqueta in east Dallas, and we all thought they were amazing! I'll be sure to try the chicken & waffle during my next visit...tks.