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Nov 9, 2012 10:02 AM

Serving the cast and crew of Orwell's "1984"--need food for 30

This is a high school drama production, so the cast and crew are all in their teens, with adult director and helpers. Any ideas? It doesn't necessarily have to be theme food, but that would be fun. I just need something I can transport easily because I'll be cooking at home then bringing to school for opening night. (My son asked for Victory Gin, but I don't think that would fly...)

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  1. I don't know a teen alive who wouldn't appreciate a taco bar, which you can achieve easily by prepping all the ingredients, putting the meat into a crock-pot to stay warm, and pre-softening the tortillas briefly in a bit of oil and then wrapping well. Everything else can go into big aluminum pans. Sides that go wonderfully are rice; either plain, Mexican-style/spiced, or mixed with cilantro and a hit of lime along with a side of cheesy refried beans or black beans w/ salsa.

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      Brilliant! In our house, we usually mix the meat and the refried beans (to add fiber and to make the tacos easier to fill). Do you think the other kids would accept this?

      1. re: Isolda

        Hmmmm. I can totally see your point, but kids are kids, though usually by teenage-dom they've evolved beyond "NO FOODS TOUCHING OTHER FOODS!!" Sometimes though, if the "other food" is visible and intact, it goes over better, as opposed to the refried beans/meat mix. If you go this route, I'd mix in whole pintos or black beans to keep the texture from being anything they could define as "weird" or "mushy." Either that or just keep it on the side, and they can add it to their tacos if they wish, or eat it alongside. Either way, they'll get their fiber, and it'll fill them up as well as the mixture.
        I do like the idea of a "rationed" dessert; as in individual-sized.

          1. re: tcamp

            So would I, then you don't have issues of either allergies or "But I don't like.....!".

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          trying to find a post I did years ago but not sure it was on Chowhound.
          may have been on another foodie board, but pretty sure it was here.
          I probably can remember it from memory but all the things that went on the table for you to choose from would be sketchy at best. I posted the items used when someone requested ideas for maybe a baby shower or bridal shower as I recall.

          it was a dump dinner idea involving chicken/rice/crisp noodles/gravy etc all set out buffet style which worked so perfectly for my mom's ladies luncheon at her country club.
          dang, wish I could locate it because it couldn't be easier, it's all set out, you serve yourself and choose the items you want to create your meal the way you like it.

          if anyone is much better than I at researching things on chowhound **because I am not** it was called something like a chicken dump dinner. it'd work here for this group if I could locate my post :(

            1. re: blue room

              thanks BlueRoom

              I see I never did post it.
              that is my bad for sure.
              for my own sake I need to find the family cookbook though.

      2. Ah, so you're the Ministry of Plenty!

        Food was rationed horribly in was a means to wage a symbolic gesture you could bring is the chocolate ration as part of dessert. 20 grams is about 4 Hershey kisses per person.

        I like the Taco Bar idea! could also do a selection of sandwiches/wraps with good fixins on good bread, vegetarian and classic selections.

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        1. re: pinehurst

          I was tempted just to bring a small ration of food for each person, but I think these kids need to eat!

          1. re: Isolda

            Oh, yeah. That they do; especially after giving their talented all for the good of community culture!

          2. re: pinehurst

            The only menu consideration I'd really have is "are they eating in costume"? As someone who helped my cousin when he was drama director of a local HS many moons ago, spills and rips could bum out the wardrobe people (aka me). If they're in civilian clothes, though, rock on!

          3. Two thoughts: mamachef always knows what she's talking about (yes!) and
            haha, they couldn't have done delicious Animal Farm?

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            1. re: blue room

              Nyeah. I just like to make it sound as if I do. :)
              Nice compliment, blue room. Thank you so much!!
              .........though, when it comes to teenage/young adult tastes, maybe I do have an advantage there. 27 Frat boys can't be wrong. At least not all of them, and definitely not about food!!

            2. Look at for menus and newly-introduced foods of the 1980's.

              1. I vote for pulled pork...