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Places to eat in Oceanside

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I have to spend a few days in Oceanside next week, and need some interesting places to eat. I heard Thai Garden is good, but what about the other two nights? Anything will do, and price doesn't matter.

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  1. Ahh... Oceanside for dinner - that's a tough one.

    * Ruby's Diner at the Oceanside Pier (near Mission Blvd.) - above average burgers and an excellent view

    * Fiesta Mexicana - a pretty authentic (sit-down) Mexican restaurant in a non-descript strip mall
    (760) 757-9872
    3784 Mission Ave
    Oceanside, CA 92054

    * Azafran - cuban
    (760) 435-0005
    1001 S Coast Hwy
    Oceanside, CA 92054

    If you're willing to travel a few miles, there are many more choices in Carlsbad near where Carlsbad Village Drive intersects PCH. Try Viggalucci's or Sevilla.

    Also, for breakfast or lunch in Oceanside, don't miss the Beach Break Cafe:

    (760) 439-6355
    1902 S Coast Hwy
    Oceanside, CA 92054

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      Someone else may have a better call on the name but on the main drag through Oceanside there is a place for breakfast (that's all I've ever had there) called Cafe 101. Great old photographs and buscuits and gravy like homemade. Well worth the stop.

      1. re: Hugh Lipton

        Cafe Sevilla has closed in Carlsbad.
        For breakfast don't miss the Beach Break Cafe (skip 101 cafe)
        Kurando for great sushi and such ..Mission Av just east of El Camino Real in shopping center on corner.
        Azafran on hwy 101 (Hill St) Cuban food.

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          I'll second the reccomendations for the Beach Break Cafe,Azfran(the Cuban sandwiches are delicious) and Ruby's(even though it's a chain) and will always reccomend the Longboarder and the Hill Street Cafe( which has a very extensive menu)and Johnny Manana's(go there hungry!)

          101 Cafe in overrated, and their food is hit and miss at best.Also avoid the Motorcycle Cafe, across the street.The last time I went there their potato salad tasted off( didn't eat it.)

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        The Beach Break Cafe in Oceanside:
        Awfull! Don't nobody eat there. Omlets are too big, they serve too fast, all the waitresses in short shorts, the potato orders are too large, food's too hot; they never rush you, so you eat too much. We've been going there for 7 years now. Stay away! Awful.

        Big Ron

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        torta basilica

        Here's a link to a review of a place we found 2 years ago. Sorry, haven't been back to update...


        1. Try Ocean Thai at El Camino and Mission. Clean, fresh and very good. The best drunken noodles I've had anywhere. Good curry selection. Appetizers: "money bags."

          1. Azafran Cuban Restaurant on 1001 South Coast Highway in Oceanside is wonderful. It's a special "find" in this military town. Excellently spiced dishes (have had the lobster and the shredded beef dishes there) and terrific mojitos. Basic family atmosphere but great care is obvious in all that I have tried there so far.

            1. Beach Break is great. Also I have heard good things about the new Vigilucci off mission. The Fish Joint for sushi (next to Hill St. Cafe). Teri Cafe for a casual dinner.

              I really do not care for Ruby for food only milkshakes. Wait is long and service sucks.

              1. Teri Cafe--excellent noodles, Sushi, and Hawaiian food; adjacent to the Target off El Camino Real (and the 78?).

                For GREAT greasy spoon Mexican, try Kotija's in the Dollar Tree shopping Center, off Marron (it's off the Jefferson offramp of the 78, south towards Carlsbad).

                The Hunter Steakhouse has great steaks for a reasonable price. They are consistently rated Best Prime Rib in town by the Best of San Diego people. If you go there, ask if Steve is bartending, and if he is be SURE to have one of his Lemon Drops! Yummy!!

                Gotta put in another vote for the Beach Break Cafe--really creative French toasts/pancakes and classic omelettes! The stuff dreams are made of, with a really chill, surfer vibe.

                Oooooh, Anita's is another great Mexican restaurant that happens to be in the same shoppping center as the Teri Cafe! It's a sit-down place, but the food is still REALLY cheap.

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                  If you are need of some BBQ you might try the Lone Star BBQ on the north side of town 406 n. Coast hwy. Tasty brisket and ribs. Pierview coffee serves a nice cup and they make sandwichs too. There is a sushi place on the west side of coast why just north of Vista way/78 I can't remember the name (hon sushi??) but is was good and they have an all you can eat option for $22.00.

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                    Kotija's in Carlsbad is closed. Instead, go north on Jefferson to Vista Way, turn left at the Chevron Station and then left again towards the McDonald's--make another hard right and cruise past the storefronts to the end. You'll find a small taco place (LOS TACOS) that makes tortillas fresh when you order. Small but good salsa bar...shrimp tacos are excellent. Burritos are huge--share one.A good deal.

                  2. Azafran Cuban Restaurant on the main drag (HWY 101) through Oceanside. It's wonderful. Homemade, family atmosphere. Live Cuban band on Sunday nights. Wonderful food --- huge servings. And I love the copper walls the owner did. Beautiful place.

                    Anita's Mexican and the Beach Break Cafe are also great choices. Cream of the Crop is fine, but pricey. Boney's (Oceanside Boulevard) has more variety, better prices and fresher. And you can't beat Trader Joe's for flash frozen fish and good cheese.