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Nov 9, 2012 09:02 AM

What are some flavors you find reminiscent of Japan?

Hello, everyone! I'm new here, so I wasn't sure whether to place this topic here, or in the Japan section. Sorry if I got it wrong!

I belong to a Japanese society that's going have a bake sale soon. Bake sales make me giddy, so I immediately signed up. There's no limit as to how much you can bring, and your baked goods don't have to be traditional Japanese foods. However, if you have any traditional recipes, I'd love to consider them!!

I already have a recipe for chocolate cupcakes with a matcha frosting, but I was hoping to do one or two things more. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble coming up with SWEET flavors that are evocative of Japan. I was thinking of possibly trying to tie in red bean to a cookie...but I'm not exactly sold on that yet.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Mochi manju with anko filling... custard-filled sweet buns (kurimu pan)... an pan... rare cheese cake... honey castella ... om nom nom. I would love to attend your bake sale!

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      Mmm! The an pan and honey castella look delightful!! Have you ever made castella? Looking up directions for it and it appears a bit intimidating.

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        No, I admit I've never tried it. I am not really a cake person - I like it, but I rarely feel the need to make a plain, spongey cake like castella. I'd stick with an pan; you can buy pre-made anko from an Asian supermarket, if you have one nearby, and the bread part is just a sweet yeasted dough so it's pretty straightforward. I've had success with this recipe:

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          Awesome, that sounds great! Thanks so much!

    2. A fluffy Japanese cheesecake sounds ideal here.

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        I might just have to try that as well. Oh, boy. I hope I have enough time for everything!