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Nov 9, 2012 08:58 AM

Just a fluke: Excellent home fries

The other day I washed and dried and rubbed with olive oil a bunch of Yukon Gold potatoes. I baked them jut until done. These potatoes never go 'mealy like Idaho/Russets.
I had a few left over so I refrigerated them. Last night I'm poaching a piece of fresh Spring salmon. Why not 'fish and chips'? So I cut the cold Yukons into 1/4" size 'fries' and dredged in some tapioca flour shaking off the excess. The way I now deep fry 'fries' is to put a few cups of room temperature canola oil or whatever in a deep sauce pan add the room temperature fries. Bring the oil/fries to a rolling boil. I do not 'play' with the fries while they are frying. When I'm happy with the color of the fries I remove them with a spider and place on p towels. The fries never stick together bc of the tapioca flour. The result was amazing! Even after the left over dries had cooled to room temperature after we'd eaten all we wanted they were STILL crispy! This morning out of the fridge they are still crispy! Very nice texture inside but still crispy on the surface. I think this is the way I'll do fries from now on. I think the result was a combination of the tapioca flour of course but also using pre baked Yukon Gold potatoes is a factor.

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  1. Sounds like you've nailed it, Puffin3. Ensuring the fries are extra dry by using a light coating of absorbent flour is probably first on the list of reasons it worked. I think cornstarch might do the same thing, too. At any rate, that's a must-try now.

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      This room temp oil is the method advocated by Joel Robouchon. It's great for the home fry maker. No screwing around with blanching and refrying. Nice potato.

      1. re: sal_acid

        That was my thought, as well; that the room temp oil basically achieves that blanching step. I love things that make life a little easier and food just that much better, don't you?

        1. re: mamachef

          Heated the remaining fries last night in the microwave. Still nice and crispy. Yeah I'm sure cornstarch would accomplish the same.

        2. re: sal_acid

          I used to do the AB Les Halles method. What a pain! I got the idea of using room temp oil from a n ATK episode a couple of years ago. They probably 'got it' from Robouchon. LOL