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Nov 9, 2012 08:41 AM


how far in advance can I bake pies for Thanksgiving. ie, apple, pumpkin, peacan?

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  1. At most I cook mine the day before. But I'm extremely picky about my crust texture and prefer my pie as fresh as possible.

    1. I usually bake mine the day of, or the day before. I think you can get away with baking it 2 days in advance (especially for pumpkin pies) if you really need to.

      1. Fruit pies benefit from being baked from frozen. Make the apple ahead, freeze it, and then bake it the day of.

        1. Crust texture is always best the day of baking. You can prepare dough, rolling and fitting into the pan, days to weeks ahead. You can prepare cooked fillings ahead of time and freeze separately, thawing before final assembly. You can freeze filling in an empty pie pan (in the case of a foil pan, keep it frozen in that pan - if using your regular pan, freeze, then remove filling and wrap well before returning to freezer. In this case you can put the frozen filling into the frozen crust, top with streusel (or leave plain if pumpkin or pecan) and bake.

          1. What everybody else said. Fresh pie is the best pie.