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Nov 9, 2012 08:14 AM

What can I do with unripe pears?

I bought a crate of organic pears from a farmer about a month ago. They came green and rock-hard, and most of them have never advanced beyond this state. I've tried putting them with some apples to see if that would ripen them, but no luck. They're edible, but crunchy and tasteless. A few have gone directly to mold - I had to throw three away yesterday. I guess they're just never going to ripen. So -- any ideas of what I could do with these pears? I'm open to cooking them in some way, just not sure if the final product will be all that interesting since the pears themselves lack flavour.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Make them into a pectin jam that you can use for setting preserves? ok maybe not, I think pears are generally low in pectin. hmmmm

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      I make a mean pear and vanilla bean jam that is sublime (and sets very well). Pear butter is also excellent.

      How about a pear crisp or galette?

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        Ooh - the pear jam sounds very intriguing. I failed to put up the usual berry jam this past summer, because my son inhaled all the berries before I could do anything with them. I need to stock my pantry. Care to share the recipe? Do you add commercial pectin?

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          I make two recipes - one is freezer jam (below) and the other is not. As I am not home for a few days I do not have access to the latter but the first is awesome because you do not have to can! Yes, commercial pectin is added.

          This pear apricot chutney is awesome, too...
 I don't use currants but that is just my preference.

    2. I got some pears like that from a coworker and ended up combining them with apples and making an applesauce. About 50-50 pear to apple ratio. We ate it plain and I used some in a cake.

      1. Roast, then dust them with some brown sugar and cinnamon and serve as a dessert either with or without ice cream. Or just serve them over some pound cake.

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          I love the roast pear idea, because I can have those going while I've got the oven on for something else. Thanks!

        2. How about pear chutney?

          1. Peel, then poach in a bottle of zinfandel, a cinnamon stick, a twist of lemon and sugar to taste. This may take a while depending on the size of the pears, but you can also peel core and slice them to make poaching faster. When tender, serve with vanilla ice cream.

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              I was going to say exactly this but add a good amt. of fresh ginger. Try serving it with sweetened greek yogurt or creme fraiche