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Nov 9, 2012 07:59 AM

Taking duck confit on a plane

I'll be flying from Indiana to Texas next weekend and I want to take a batch of duck confit with me. Has anybody done this? I know I'll have to check it, but I'm just wondering if it'll make it through unmolested by TSA. Also, I'm probably going to take a couple quarts of stock as well. Any suggestions on insulated containers I could get for this? Preferably something I could check on it's own and not have to put in a suitcase.

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  1. I would check with the airline and see what their policy is regarding food transportation. You won't be allowed to take quarts of stock in a carry on bag, they are strict about the 3 oz rule. I would suggest getting a cooler & packing the food with plenty of ice packs or dry ice. You can then tape it up good & check it as luggage.

    1. What form is the duck confit? If it's immersed in fat, artisinal style in a crock, you could have trouble. The TSA website should tell you what the regs are for canned items. In a pinch, and providing you're ready to use the duck soon, just take it out and put it in an insulated bag. No rules against duck parts!

      As for the quarts of stock: no way, unless you check it in a bag.

      edit: maybe they'd allow you twenty or so 3 oz. bags?!

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        Freeze the stock in bags. Put those bags inside another bag. Pack them along with the confit in a cooler with frozen gel packs and check it as luggage. I doubt if it will completely thaw by the time you get there.